Hidden Happiness

Competition entry for the What Makes You Happy competition.


1. Hidden Happiness


What makes me happy?

Not the sun, nor the moon.

Not the rain or the clouds.

But riding on my cloud of dreams, chasing my future.


What makes me happy?

Not the flowers, nor the books I read.

Not snow or the ice.

But watching the sunset, with my hopes dancing before me.


What makes me happy?

Not the music, nor the coffee.

Not the love or the romance.

But the magic that surrounds me, filling me with confidence.


What makes me happy?

Not the drama, or gossip.

Not the birds, or the bright blue sky.

But not fitting into society, standing out from any other person.


What makes me happy?

The small things that no one notices.

The dreams, the magic, the confidence. 

The knowing that in this grey world, there is so much colour! 

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