Fat Problems

Well it started off as a place where I could joke about being fat and explain some of the problems I face but somehow it seems to have drifted into more of a serious diary thing and has become quite personal but oh well.


1. Make a difference

If you saw her walking down the corridor you probably wouldn’t pay her much attention. Maybe you would make a joke about the way she looks but you wouldn’t take it any further. Maybe you would push a friend into her as some kind of sick joke. It wouldn’t bother you; you wouldn’t give her a second thought. It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t matter, right?
In the classroom she normally sits by herself. People don’t choose to sit next to her, and if they had a seating plan they would make such a fuss the teacher would have to move them away from her. She does have friends. People who care about her, but they don’t stick up for her. They have her back but they aren’t going to do anything to protect her from the abuse she often faces.
Not that she needs protection. She has a tongue like a dagger. A fan of comebacks she often shuts up the attacker with words rather than with her enormous mass of strength.
Her weight has been a problem all of her life. She use to get bullied for it but now people leave her alone. Instead they say it behind her back. People who call themselves her friends talk about her blatantly behind her back.

They bitch because she looks different. But she writes because she can make a difference.

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