Fat Problems

Well it started off as a place where I could joke about being fat and explain some of the problems I face but somehow it seems to have drifted into more of a serious diary thing and has become quite personal but oh well.


5. Fat comebacks

Not really been insulted to my face in a very long time people just accept me now. My advice to someone who is being called fat is to ignore it or say something quick and funny back to shut them up. Most people I know don't have the ability to think of something quick to say back. So here we go! Some of the funniest ways I've heard someone respond to being called fat. (I may have used one or two myself in another lifetime)

1. You're lucky my fat prevents me from seeing who said that or I swear to God (insert desired insult here)

2. Don't come too close, I ate the last guy who called me fat.

3. The only reason I'm fat is because every time me and you're Mother have sex she bakes me a cake/pie/some other food that over eating may result in obesity. (Only works for guys really. Well this is the 21st century it could work for both.)

Here's just a few! Update maybe to follow if I feel like it! :-)

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