Fat Problems

Well it started off as a place where I could joke about being fat and explain some of the problems I face but somehow it seems to have drifted into more of a serious diary thing and has become quite personal but oh well.


2. Chapter 2

Jasmine hurried into the classroom, she was a few minutes late and she was dreading walking into the classroom in front of everyone. Lucky Erin and Phoebe, the class bitches, pushed past her and took the wrath for her. The three of them walked into the classroom with in seconds of each other. Miss Tilley had already started her lesson. She stopped mid-sentence and turned to look at the door. 
“Where have you been?” she asked Erin, who happened to be at the front.
“We were stuck behind Jasmine, we couldn’t get past her!” Phoebe announced. The rest of the class burst out laughing. I could feel my face blush. I wanted to die right there and then. I managed to fight back the tears. Before I could think I heard this.
“Well we can’t all be skinny bitches like you Phoebe!” I heard someone say. It was only when I saw everyone stare at me I realised I had said it, in the middle of class I had sworn in front of everyone. Phoebe gasped out loud.
“Stop!” Miss Tilley exclaimed.
“What did you call me?” she snarled.
“You heard!” I snapped back.
“Why don’t you go on a diet you fat cow?” Erin exclaimed.
“I mean I would, but you’re not on a diet. But then again I guess we’d all be as skinny as you if all I ever ate was dick!” the class started laughing, some even started applauding her. She had been the one to stand up to the bullies and now the class respected her, well maybe a little bit.
“Jasmine!” Miss Tilley sighed. “Go and stand outside!”
“My pleasure,” she smiled. She took herself outside. Yeah she was in trouble but it was so satisfying. 

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