Fat Problems

Well it started off as a place where I could joke about being fat and explain some of the problems I face but somehow it seems to have drifted into more of a serious diary thing and has become quite personal but oh well.


6. Actual Fat People Problems

Actual problems about being fat

1. When a skinny person calls themselves fat.

It's so annoying when someone who isn't fat and is beautiful and knows it calls themselves fat. Or when someone eats a large meal they say it's alright I'm having a fat day! A fat day? WTF? Does that mean that my entire life is just one big fat day that won't end? As if they need to justify eating, something I may add that humans and everything on this planet does for survival, an amount of food. Here's a tip, you eat to stay alive, not because you're having a 'fat day'.

2. I go to the Doctor about something...and the only diagnosis they can come up with is the fact that I am overweight.

Now I know being overweight does increase the risks of other health problems, heart disease and type two diabetes and so on. But this is the thing, I went to A and E (the emergency room I think the Americans call it?) because I had trapped by hand in the car door. My hand people, something that not only thankfully doesn't have to carry my large mass, but to be honest doesn't really have anything to do with my weight. Oh now I get it because if I were skinnier I would have decided to walk to school on the one morning I was running late instead of blagging a lift with my sister on the way to college and then I would have arrived at school after a refreshing walk and I would not have trapped by arm in the door. Obviously! God I'm such an idiot for not seeing that! I don't think so. I hate to break it to you but the reason I trapped my arm in the door is because I was running late which meant I caused my sister to run late which meant she was shouting at me to get out of the car. I did, too quickly and shut my fingers in the door. IT HURT LIKE HELL! And I went to A and E and the Doctor assumed it was my weight that was my problem not the fact I had nearly severed my fingers off!

Surprise surprise people, but I'm always going to be clumsy and trap my limbs in places they should not be trapped in. So to all you Doctors out there, trapping a hand in the door is not a medical condition in the first place and is certainly not a medical condition that is normally associated with obesity. Because there are thousands of overweight people in the world running, well lolloping around the world with their fingers missing because they're too lazy to walk to school!

On an unrelated note. The Nurse at my school has the same obsession with periods. No matter what problem you go to see her about it the problem will always be your period. (Not you guys, obs) You can tell her you're arm hurts and she'll just reply 'Oh it's alright it's just your period' Some little kid comes in with a headache 'It's just you're period'

'I haven't started my period yet'

'Don't worry you will' I mean seriously. Periods cannot be the cause of every single medical problem in the world otherwise doctors are seriously overpaid for telling a girl the problem is her period.

Sorry ranted there a bit. Oh well onwards and upwards. Where was I...? Ah yes

3. When someone, fat or otherwise, decides to tell you that you are fat!

I believe the expression goes 'No shit Sherlock!' As if I didn't already know! As if suddenly after my fifteen years on this planet some douche decides to shout 'fatty' or something at me and I look down at my own body. I suddenly realise. Oh my God, I'm the one! I'm the fat one! I never knew this before. I would run, well move moderately briskly towards him/her, and shake their hand and say 'thank you! You have changed my life, I've been so blind as to not see it before. Thank you for opening my eyes for me, now I can see who I really am!' No. Not the issue. I know I'm fat, *leans in close as a whisper* to tell you the truth... I've always known! *Stands back up right and dusts clothes off. Now I'm not the most observant but yeah I know, I did notice. Sorry to ruin your fun!

4. The larger people on YouTube and other sites who like to embarrass themselves and subsequently us.

Now I love somebody who is body confident and is not afraid to show themselves off, but I think of YouTube fat people are taking it a little too far. I mean dancing with your top off isn't a bad thing *eye brow wiggle* am I right ladies? BUT... please for the sake of humanity, if not for other plus sized people, just stop. On countless occasions I have been asked if I would lip sing Mia he Mia ha like the guy does online. Please stop. For me *does puppy dog eyes*

5. When I spend time with someone's boyfriend and they're not jealous.

Now this may sound quite confusing but this happens to me a lot. Girls don't see me as a threat to their boyfriends, now this is quite a good thing BUT... it would be nice for a girl to be even marginally concerned when I am spending excessive amounts of time with their better halves. I spend a lot of time with the male members of my friendship group because the girl like to go off and flirt with boys and see if they can spy anyone attractive in the park we sit in. I'm left with the guys and to be honest that's alright because I like them all, they're my friends. But I spend time with other boys as well, as friends. It's not making much sense.

JEN (my friend): Caza'a been spending a lot of time with James lately.

ELLIE (my other friend): Yeah (Slightly confused.)

JEN: Are you alright with it?

ELLIE: Yeah I'm alright with it, they're friends, she's like one of the lads.

JEN: They are pretty close though, are you sure nothing's going on?

ELLIE: Are you being serious? Of course nothing's going on. Have you seen her, she isn't his type.

I was told about a conversation like this that happened and they were talking about me. I'm fine with them both now but at them time I was a little insulted but it didn't bother me. I don't want to be seen as the 'home wreaker' who ruins lives and relationships... but I guess it might be fun.

5. Friends are always trying to go to the gym with you.

I don't want to the gym with you! Simple as! I don't want you to see my fat arse wobbling around as I cycle or do weights or go on the treadmill thank you. It's bad enough you force me to go swimming with you guys. I'll be alright, thank you!

6. Friends trying to set you up with other fat people they know (Of either sex)

Now I've got a boyfriend now (love saying that. Well typing it) but when I didn't have one I was constantly being given numbers of other fat people, or people who were 'social outcastes' because I assume they thought I couldn't do any better? Fat people and 'normal sized people' are of the same species funnily enough. They can date and they can have children and live normal lives together. Thank you. I've got a 'well built' boyfriend because he does dance at school and goes to the gym. We're not together because we're both the best each other can do because to be honest he could probably do a lot better than me. His ex-girlfriend a aspiring model. Current girlfriend fat wannabe writer/actress/director. But we're not together because we were in the fat club, because they wouldn't let him in the fat club because he's not fat! People SHOULD be together because they love each other not because they want to settle for second best because they know they'll never get the best. (Sorry I like talking about myself a little too much!)


For fat people shopping is normally an issue but now there's a new breed of clothing shop. The plus-sized shop. Now lots of people don't like them because they think it promotes being fat as a normal thing. I don't like them for a different reason. I think it's great that larger girls have somewhere a bit hipper to shop rather than Evans (big girls in the UK you'll know what I mean'. For those of you who do not know of Evans, first of all how lucky you are. Second of all Evans use to be the only big retail plus-sized clothes shop in the UK. And it is so uncool, women used to go into Evans and buy something and hide the bag it was that bad. It was social suicide to shop in Evans. Now they have opened up shops like Yours and Taking Shape. They've recently opened up one of each store in my local shopping centre, I went in and to my surprise all of the clothes were just little girl clothes in big girls sizes. And the price tag is almost double! It's so stupid these brands claim to take your shape into consideration and make the promise of clothes to suit your body types. Walk into any plus-sized store and you'll see clothes you would see in any other clothing store but they look as though someone has sewn four or five skimpy t-shirts together and has made something I'm expected to wear on holiday next year! No thank you. And my last point I've noticed is that the plus-sized shops seem to be hidden away? Why? I go into New Look and where is Inspire, the range for larger gals. On the basement floor where they keep the sale items and stuff reduced to pennies because it won't sell. Well excuse me NEW LOOK. I am one of your best costumers and you have the nerve to hide us away below your main shop floors. Are we of embarrassment to you New Look? Well are we? Because if we are you say the word and I'll take my business elsewhere. I'm sure Asda's George or Sainsbury's TU will be able to help me. or maybe I can buy a skimpy vest top from the Australian Taking Shape and try it on, look in the mirror and cry because you can see my rolls! Is that what you want? Is that what you want New Look? No? Then put us on the main floe with all the other clothes. We deserve better! You have been warned!


Ranting over for one day! Good bye and God bless

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