Written for the people who inspire me and make me happy :)


1. Inspire



I have an aspiration,

that is to be someone's inspiration.

Because I want to be an accomodation,

To someone who needs a hearty illumination.


Oh your grace,

lights up anyplace,

maybe a commonspace or cyberspace.

I wish i could extend,

but i can't find the words to describe your amazement.


You are my inspiration through tears and laughter,

You are my inspiration in every matter,

You are my inspiration to every chapter,

You are my inspiration as a master,

Because you prevent me from causing any disaster.


In every hostile environment,

When i stay silent,

A thought of you fills me with excitement,

You let me experiment,

But save me from embarresment.


You make me smile,

Even through hardest of times.

Even if we are far away miles,

a thought of you causes a beguile.


I sometimes desire,

That I could let you know that you inspire.

But i think, this has somehow transpired.

You are always the someone whom I will admire,

Because all I need to respire,

Is you in my empire.

You are my inspiration,

Oh! you are my inspiration.


You make my life beautiful,

and make me truthful,

And as usual,

I always wish this had been mutual,

You make my life so musical!


You are sharp as an arrow,

You are my superhero.

You wait for tomorrow,

Like a tree sparrow.

You make me feel there are no sorrows.


As time flies by,

You make me fly.

Making me think there is no goodbye,

Out of a clear blue sky,

cross my heart and hope never to die.


you make me clear about my vision.

I say people like you are limited edition,

Your life has a beautiful definition.

That is one of the reason,

For why you are my inspiration.


You never mumble,

And you behave so humble,

Causing me to tumble.

Because I am in such a jumble,

You inspire me, to make my life deprive of trouble.


You are my sunshine,

making my life align.

Sending me to cloud nine,

Assuring everything will be fine.

And making sure I realise,

that life is worth another try.


You are such a winner,

making me feel like a binner.

I wish your mom had been a twinner.

So that I could be the one who is just like you.


When I feel shattered,

your arms pick me up.

The embrace I recieve,

Makes me admire you even more.


I wonder why,

That in a blink of an eye,

you make me feel like its my birthday,

And making me happy like having a pizza and pie.

Making me fly high,

I simply question,

Is this all why you are my inspiration?


Is it wrong to wish,

That i turn out to be someone like you.

because all i want is to illuminate lives just like you do.

I want to be an inspiration who was inspired by you,

And try to eradicate darkness and illuminate every heart I know.



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