2. 9

Climbing down from the library was always the hardest part. Thick slippery mud coated the steep mud, one slip and it was a long way down. Finally the damp bottom came into view and Charlie helped me out the bottom. A sighed escaped my lips, from what we could tell humanity once ruled the surface and people spent years traveling around purely to experience its beauty. I dream of running through lushes green fields and watching the sunset, even if I don’t completely understand what they are.

Reaching the church just in time for weekly mass and community meeting. Being taught to praise a higher being that protect us from the lost ones, evil creatures that roam the surface of our lost land was always hard to believe. Especially know the secrets we know. Our school books have horrific detailed drawings of disgusting green beings that foam from the mouth and feed off human flesh.

After being herded into church and the usual chit chat died down mass began as normal. We prayed for protection from above, hope blahblahblah. As a yawn was about to take over my body thinking about the next hour of people moaning there’s not enough food, light, anything they can really. Something incredibly interesting happened.

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