4. 7

Everyone was inside early today fear still clear on everyone’s face. I and Charlie met at the bottom of the tunnel. Butterflies circled in my stomach as what we were about to do fully hit me. My hands clammy and shaking. Charlie wrapped me in an embrace “don’t worry we can do this, I love you remember that.”

The climb felt twice as long as normal. Being unsure of what we would find at the top made me shake with each step we took. The top came into view we both instinctively slowed down. Charlie looked back and motioned me to keep still, silence filled the air the only sound I could hear was the beat of my panicking heart. We heard nothing so climbed out the tunnel. We were alone I let out a long awaited breath. My eyes found Frankie sat across the other side of the room and I instantly ran for him.

Light flooded the room, shouting and bangs deafening me a massive force flattened me onto the floor forcing all the air out of my lungs. More bangs. Explosions sent my stories flying. From across the room Charlie was screaming my name, the sound lost in all the commotion. He tried to run for me but a bookcase fell in his path knocking him back down the tunnel. A scream escaped my lips but I could not hear it. I was grabbed from behind lifted into the brilliant light. Panic claimed my consciousness. 

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