1. 10

“They rode away into the sunset.”

“What’s a sunset?”

“Well I don’t know but my granddad said he saw one once.” We both feel into a silence. Staring into nothingness   lost in thought, wondering what a sunset could possibly be, what the end of this story could mean. We had found it in the abandoned library full of so many books from years ago. The lost years.

Placing the ancient book back on the dusty shelves I glanced my eye along the walls covered in lost stories ones that will never be told again. We weren’t allowed up into the library. It held to many secrets. Stories of humanity’s past before everything happened. From behind me I heard Charlie’s slender form jump of the creaky seat and sneak over to the boarded glass. For years we’ve tried to remove the thick wood. Forever it stubbornly stayed in place.

“Come on Charlie we should go back down before anyone starts looking for us.” Charlie at this point was so used to my worrying and moaning his response was a simple flick of his dark brown hair. The library was the place we always came. It quite quickly became ours and it helped that no one else knew it existed. It’s where we always spent our time together ever since we met the night of the first power cut.

Late one evening I was assigned to do the dinner run. We are given the dinners for every household in a designated area. This particular night I and Charlie were assigned the same area. I had seen him around before. He was cute after all. Long brown hair that hung just right on his sculptured face. We smiled at each other and quickly bonded over our love of sweetcorn. We hardly got to eat it down here it always struggled to grow so deep underground. We were passing out the last of that night’s dinner when everything stopped and panic set in.

I’ve been terrified of the dark ever since I can remember, and I instantly started to panic. Just as a panic attack was about to claim my consciousness a calm voice filled my ears “it’s okay, close your eyes. Imagine a place so full of light it warms your whole soul.”  To this day, every time the power goes out he will find me and whisper that into my ear. 

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