The Woods


1. woods

There I was just stood there, when what I wanted to do was forbidden. Don’t go into the woods they screamed. “Nobody ever returns from the woods.” Was the next cry that came from behind. But every sense that filled my body pulled forwards into dense woods. I wanted to envelope myself within the blackness.  Every part of my being needed what was inside. I stepped forward.

If I had known the conciseness of that one step I would have stopped, turned around, sprinted away and never looked back. However unfortunately I did not.

I took that dreadful step into the darkness. It wasn’t long until I noticed the crunch underfoot.  With a quick glance down I realized it wasn’t from fallen leaves or something as innocent as a branch but rather that of broken bodies.  These were not human nor any animal I have every heard of.

Their bodies were long and twisted with sharp razor claws hanging from their root like limbs. Their bodies contorted into the earth and almost seemed to connect with the trees. Their mouths full of fangs with empty spaces where eyes should have been but rather were full of more fangs as if the whole face was built for destruction. Terror rushed through me. What had I done? They were all the same I decided after a few more steps. I did not belong here.

I turned to leave. A sight so ghastly stopped me. My breath caught. The smell of decay filled my nose. Standing in front of me was a scene from a horror movie. A creature was alive. This one though was different. Very different. It was closer to human than monster. Which made it even worse.

She was wearing a baby doll dress; it floated away from her grotesque body. Bones stuck out, covered in a sickly black gunk. A tear in her dress sent an image flashing through my mind. A little girl stepping into the woods. It turned dark. She was confused. The cold racked her body.  She began to run but a root grabbed her ankle. A scream escaped. Everything turned black. 

I opened my eyes not realizing I had closed them. She was staring at me now.  She had the same pig tales as the girl in the vision. It hit me then she wore the same dress. Fear still held me in place as she opened her mouth. A scream so haunting it seemed to stir the others.  I felt a hooked claw slice my ankle a scream escaped. The creatures broke out into an unearthly cackle.

They engulfed me. Decay surrounded me. Pain so vigorous I collapsed. I think I screamed. Their moans of pleasure repulsed me. I felt raped. My body, no longer mine. Control, no longer mine.  A foreboding misery filled me as I lost all feeling. All I could sense was a coldness so great I knew what I had become. I belonged here. I had a tear in my dress.


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