1. Flight

I could feel the wind caressing my face, dancing around me like a mother embracing her child. She whispered sweet nothings in my ear as is floated past. Her support always leading me in my ways even when my sight betrayed me, she’s all of my senses, she is my sight leading me in my way. Her soft breeze bringing me delectate smells of freshly cut grass. Sounds dance through her guiding my flight and with a touch so gentle it feels as if I’m floating. A sweet fresh taste completes my senses and brings my soul alive. I may be a simple bat circling the sky but I am alive with the sense of the wind.

It was as I thought this that my beautiful mother brought me the sound of a garden hose trying so desperately to warn me of my imminent doom just a second to late. A sickly web of water sprayed over me pulling me to the ground. The icy splinters paralyzed my wings as I came crashing down onto the hard earth. My head swam in panic as is could no longer feel the wind with me. I perched up relying on my own senses to guide me as I went to spread my wings a pain so horrific racked my body my right wing laid broken beside me and all hope escaped me no bat survived a broken wing.

Sat in despair and self-wallow I never noticed the air closing around me until it had a firm hold. I could feel only softness against me, which somehow calmed me, but panic still rested inside. I could smell the sweet fruit of tangerine as a wetness pressed against my nose. Confusion overtook then panic once again consumed me as I tried to raise my broken wing to escape.

I tried desperately to list my limp limb and fly away as sounds came to me. “shhhh boy. Its okay, eat while I fix up your wing. Shhh” I did not understand what these sounds meant but again there strange tones calmed me so I stilled as a gentle touch began to heal my wing. The same gentle touch nursed me until my wing was fully healed. One day after my regular half eaten tangerine I felt the gentle touch leave me as he handed me back to my mother.


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