Grieve for Her

'She was dead, and there was nothing I could do about it.'

When Leah's twin, Lucy, is killed on a school trip, her whole world is turned upside down, and the veil between life and death could be about to come tumbling down.

(I wrote this for Camp NaNo April, and have finally found somewhere to post it. My aim was seven thousand words, and I'm pleased to say I reached it.)


2. Close Your Eyes

It came as a shock for everyone, I think, when the bus fell off the cliff and fifty six school students tumbled, screaming, to their deaths. It sounds crazy - the kind of thing you'd here in the news and think 'that'll never happen to me, that'll never affect me'. Except, this time, it did.

My sister, Lucy, was one of the fifty six students declared dead, and one of the first to be identified by our family, when we were both taken into hospital. I'm the only survivor of the tragic accident; a miracle, they said, but I think it's more of a curse. All I can hear now is screaming.

Even when my mother sobs, reading the eulogy for Lucy, I can't concentrate. There's just screaming, so much screaming, an entire flying orchestra of death.

They asked me to speak, too, as the survivor, but when I walk up to the front of the church, my throat closes up, my head spinning like a carousel of ghosts at an abandoned fun fair. "I can't do it," I choke out, tears beginning to slide down my face. "I'm sorry."

I stumble as I run out of the church, collapsing outside like a crumpled piece of paper. The screams are growing louder, so loud I can't concentrate on the cars rushing past or the voices asking if I am okay.

One face stands out to me, deathly pale. Lucy's face, eyes colder than the blood which has long stopped flowing in her body. They sparkle slightly, like the stars in the veil of night pulled over her life.

"Close your eyes," she whispers, words like a haunted song of a ghost. Maybe that's what they are.

I let the darkness come.

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