Blind Angel

My life wasn't always bad. that is until the day I lost my parents and my eye sight. I was kidnapped right from my own home... the lesson I learned from this was don't take what you have for granted. I did and look where that got me...


9. 9.9

It's been about a year now though since that horrible day and the flock split up. We saved the world and we all left to go our sepreat ways. I still stop by her grave every now and then to see her. I would sit their and cry as I told her about how I have been and the few times I ran into some of the flock. Sometimes I would pretend that she was with me sitting their smiling at me and laughing with me. The flock split up because we all wanted to find out families but in the end I just got left behind to wonder the streets by my self.  Then one day my fate changed for ever. 

"Hi." A girl with shot wavy blond hair walked up to me with a smile. "Hi...." I said not looking up at her. (o yeah i got my eye sight back cool huh?!) She sat down beside me. "Don't you have a home? Aren't your parents worried about you?" I stayed quite. "Wait you don't have one do you?" I stayed quite expecting her to laugh at me or worse. "Well if you want you can come home with me." The girl got up now and held out a hand to me. I looked up making eye contact for the first time. I felt tears come to my eyes when I looked into her big brown eyes. An image of Max from the good old days came to mind and then left just as fast as it had come. 

"Hey what's your name?" She asked me helping me out as I took her hand. "Iggy." She giggled at my name making me smile a little bit. We walked for a while and just talked about things. I told her all about my wings and my past. She just smiled and nodded and looked with amazement when I showed her my wings. I thought back to Dr. Martinez and Ella and how nice they seemed that time that I meet them with Max. The girl led me to the house that she lived at when I reached her house I stopped in my tracks. She turned to me. "What's the matter? Aren't you coming Iggy?" The door opened and Ella came running up to me smiling. "Iggy!!! You came back!!!" She smiled at me and smiled back happy I got to finally see her. "Who are you?" I asked the girl finally. "Come on Iggy you don't recognize me?" The girl smiled at me and took out her big wings. "It's me...Maximum Ride but you can just call me Max." I ran to her with tears in my eyes. "Your alive!!!"

She hugged me back and we went inside where I cried even more to see the rest of the flock was inside. They all came up to me and hugged me and told me how good it was to see me. I told them how great it was to be able to see them. They all laughed at me and we joked around a bit. I sat down with the gas man and for ounce felt happy and free.

"The gangs all here and now we can be a real family again!"

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