Blind Angel

My life wasn't always bad. that is until the day I lost my parents and my eye sight. I was kidnapped right from my own home... the lesson I learned from this was don't take what you have for granted. I did and look where that got me...


8. 8.8

The minute the Erasers showed up every one broke out into action and started to hit and fight with all their might. I watched with wide eyes as the blurry images danced around. "Iggy!!!!" I heard Max call out followed by the sound of wind getting knocked out of you and then crying and falling. I spun around and saw that Max got hurt was bleeding badly and falling. She had tears in her eyes for the first time. I screamed out and shot passed by all the monster freaks and raced to catch Max before she hit the ground. "Your a good kid Iggy." She smiled at me spitting up blood. I had tears in my eyes. "No Max stay with me! We need you still! You can't leave us just yet. I wont let you" I said to her through tears.

The fight went on above us but the only thing that I could focus on was Max. "I'm so sorry that I didn't get you out in time Iggy." She took her hand and stroked my face. "No max don't be sorry for anything you saved my life that day." I was getting mad this was all happening. "You can't see because of me though." I gave a weak laugh. "You think that being blind is going to slow me down. Think again you taught me better then that Max. You taught me that you are never as weak as you may seem and your never alone. If It wasn't for you I wouldn't be the person I am today Max. So don't you dare say your sorry for something that you didn't do." A while later Fang joined us. "Hey are you guys ok....." He trailed off as he looked at Max's pale body in my arms. "MAX!!!" Angel called out as she flew down to join us.

Even in the worst of times Max still never seamed to not  amaze me as a leader. With all of these crying faces around her she still smiled at us all and gave us her words of wisdom. "Hey wipe your tears guys. I'm strong and you all know that I wont go down so easy with out a fight. I'll be okay I promise." She smiled at us spitting up blood. I could feel her heart beat starting to slow down a bit. "Max!!! Don't go!!! Stay with us....please im begging you....stay." She turned her gaze to look at me. "I'm not going any where Iggy. I will always be with you." Angel came up to her holding her bear with tears in her eyes. "I want you to have Cellist Max. Take good care of her okay?" She sniffled as Max reached out her weak hand and took the bear with a smile on her face. "Are you sure Angel?" Angel nodded her head yes and hugged Max with tears streaming her face. Max hugged back and then pulled away. She looked at Angle and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then wiped away the tears form her cheeks. "Hey wipe those tears away kido im going to be just fine. I love you guys you all know that right." We all nodded out heads. "I love you to Max!!!" Angel screamed out and hugged her again and that's when It happened. Max had finally left us and gone into the light. We all got really quite as Angel started to scream through tears. "NO MAX!!! MAX WAKE UP!!! YOUR JUST SLEEPING!!! MAX PLEASE!!!" Nudge sniffled and cried silently and I just sat their with Max in my lap not knowing what to say. Fang took her hand and said nothing only kissed it softly.

Later that day we found a nice place that we knew that Max would have loved and we all buried her. The girls went off and picked out flowers and placed them on her grave so we would always be able to find her again. Then we said our prays and good bye and we went up and away. The flock was very quite after that because no one knew what to say. I kept seeing Max flying next me and smiling. "Doesn't this breeze just feel amazing Iggy?" "Wow look at the sun set up ahead." She giggled. "We are going to be the best family ever Iggy. I'm so glad that you joined us." I was like this just remembering all the conversations that I had with Max all the way up to her last words right before she died in my arms.

"I'm so sorry that I couldn't save you in the end like you saved me Max."

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