Blind Angel

My life wasn't always bad. that is until the day I lost my parents and my eye sight. I was kidnapped right from my own home... the lesson I learned from this was don't take what you have for granted. I did and look where that got me...


7. 7.7

I looked down thinking about what Fang had said to me. "well then make sure to live in the moment before the dream comes crashing down on you" I could still hear him saying the those words in my ear. What could have meant by that? I shook the thought away from my mind and listened for the flock. I felt my heart race when I couldn't hear them. Then I felt Angel brush my hand softly and I understand that someone else was with us.

"Come out to play little piglets." I heard a deep raspy voice say. It sent shivers down my spine. "In your dreams Air like we would ever have our selves over to you!" I heard Max say the person. Then Fang shouted out to me. "WATCH OUT IGGY!!!" Then I heard a scream that I think was Angel and I kicked into action. I jumped and ran over scopping up Angel in my arms. "I got you don't worry." The flock got in a couple of hits and kicks before Max gave us an order. "Flock up avd away!" she shouted and I took my wings out angel doing the same as we took a running start and flew into the air. I still can't belive that this is my life now....

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