Blind Angel

My life wasn't always bad. that is until the day I lost my parents and my eye sight. I was kidnapped right from my own home... the lesson I learned from this was don't take what you have for granted. I did and look where that got me...


5. 5.5

Thanks to Max and her flock I started to get used to being blind. It wasn't so scary or as bad as you would think. Now I was like an expert at the whole blind thing the only hard thing that I had to deal with was when ever we would go to another place. It took me awhile to find everything around me and to get used things but I knew that the flock would away have my back no matter what. "Morning Iggy." I heard Max say to me and she looked inside the fridge. "What are you looing for?" I asked her knowing what it was. "Food to feed you guys with." I chuckled. "You can't even cook Max jut let me do it okay." I said as I took some eggs and started to cook them making scrambled egg sandwiches for everyone.

I could feel Max's eyes starring wholes into my back with amazement at my skills. "How are you doing that with out seeing?" She asked me sounding just as surprised as I was. "I'm not sure how but I know that I can its just like this all the time." She nodded slowly I went back to cooking. Then soon the others woke up and came down stairs to eat. They all looked just as shocked as me and Max where.

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