Blind Angel

My life wasn't always bad. that is until the day I lost my parents and my eye sight. I was kidnapped right from my own home... the lesson I learned from this was don't take what you have for granted. I did and look where that got me...


2. 2.2

After he left I noticed that their where others with me. I wasn't alone after all.... Their where 5 other kids with me. 3 girls and 2 boys. The oldest girl and boy looked to be about my age. The oldest girl about 14 had wavy blond hair and big brown eyes. The next girl maybe about 13 years old had brown skin brown eyes and black hair. The last girl probably 8 years old had short blond curly hair and big sad blue eyes. The oldest boy about the same age as the girl had dark eyes and long black hair. The other boy looked to be about 11 looked just like the youngest girl. Leading me to think they could be related.

I sat their my eyes wide as I saw that they all had wings to like me. The girl with blond wavy hair looked at me worried look. "Are you okay?" she whispered it to me. I only nodded not sure what to say. "Your safe don't worry where getting out of here." She looked determined to make it happen and I found my self holding my hand out to her through the bar. She smiled at me and took it only to have it ripped away. A white coat came over and took me out of my cage.

I screamed out to the girl my hand or reaching out for her warm hand. I watched as she shook her cage in an attempt to get out and save me. "YOULL BE OKAY IGGY!!!!" she screamed to me. The man took me into another room and locked the door before tiring me down and smiling at me as he took a machine closer to my eyes. "Well hello their little boy. Your about to have the change of a life time. "He talked like he was happy and he was saving me from something evil.

"Let me go!" I yelled out to the man but it only seemed to make him laugh. I started to move frantically trying to brake free as my heart raced from adrenalin. He brought the machine closer too my eyes and I screamed again. I was hoping that the girl from before would hear me and come to save me. "This is going to help you see much better." I started to cry as he turned it on.

All I remember after that was a lot of pain and screaming. After that everything went black after that. When I woke up I was back in my cage and I could feel a bunch of worried faces looking at me. "Are you okay Iggy?" I felt a hand take my mine as my heart started to race again. Then I realized it was the girl from before I relaxed. It took me a while but I got my eyes opened I think. I wasn't sure cause everything was black. "Iggy?" I felt a cool breeze brushing my face as if someone one was waving something at me.

I pulled my knees close to my chest as I started to understand what was happening to me. "I-I'm b-bl-blind…" I said with a shaky Voice and I heard the girl gasp. "I'm so sorry Iggy."

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