One Direction Imagines/ Preferences

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2. He can't have you..

Hey Guys! 

I come to you with my second chapter! 

Enjoy xxxx


Because he thought he would break your heart; his voice was shaky and his eyes were red and you could hear his voice crackling as he said the words "I love you" for the last time- because he couldn't love you, he didn't want to. He wished he could have broken your heart because you loving him would be to much of a good thing. But, he does love you- more than anything too. He'd be damned if he kept himself from loving you anymore. As he sits on the couch, he doesn't know what to do- his heart and his mind saying two completely different things..


Because you were best friends; hand holding, kisses, and friendly hugs was everything Niall dreamed about every night. Not only that but to give you kisses, hold you tight, keep you safe and to somehow be your boyfriend. But he couldn't. He couldn't ruin such a beautiful thing that had already happened. He would be too upset in the end, go knows what he might do if he ever lost you..


Because he already had someone else. Se was pretty and her lips were always pink, her body was always perfect, she was beautiful. But so were you, he thought to himself. Although it seemed wrong, thinking of someone else while already in a relationship, he couldn't help but wonder if this was right. He started to think about the kisses you two could share, the cuddles you would have, the movies you would watch. As his present girlfriend comes in the room to go out for a girls' night, he sits on the bed thinking about you- the REAL love of his life..


Because he was too afraid to have you. He was too afraid of the emotions and the possibility of you finding someone else. He was too afraid to wanting to hold you closer than ever and have him snuggled in your neck. He couldn't believe he was so much in love with you. God, you were always you; and he loved that. You were different. And he really liked different- that's why you stood out.  He wanted to be yours and you his, but he didn't think he was ready for someone so perfect..


Because whenever he saw you he got chill in his bones; he'd get lightheaded and his forehead would crease and he would sometimes even shake. Why was he feeling this way? Why was he so in depth with wanting to have you, but knowing that you were out of his reach? He'd sit on a park bench for hours trying to find an answer. Why was he so in love with you..?


And with that, Chapter 2 is finished! 
This one is from Tumblr but I have changed it so no, it is not plagiarism- all the words have been changed, as well as the settings/ emotions and everything.

Please share/ vote/ comment/ favorite/ fan and all that. 

I lub you. <3 <3




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