Something to write about everyday


5. ermmm yeah...

Yeah I'm not really a writer am I? Its been almost a year since my last entry.... awkward.                                                                                                        

Anyway to fill the story a bit I have been up to a lot of Art... and well nothing else. I mean for once I can admit I am a bit of an art freak and geek. I can spend hours upon hours of reading, writing and painting... with nicotine. Which always leads to this one question. Am I going to be a successful artist? In which I got to say that most aren't and that's the shocking thing. As its not all about this thing called "talent". Although 50% of it must be but the other 50% is just bullshiting half of the time about your piece of shit canvas which is selling for £1,500. But anyway getting back to the point.

I'm having a few strokes of luck recently I'm making illustration books on Blurb. Making contacts with galleries on Instagram and usually just being a fucking twat. Never the less did I say I want to be an illustrator and not an artist? But anyway why does it matter.

So back to the personal life within the south. The long distance relationship is almost none existent to be honest. But on the other hand I have another relationship on the way which is worrying. Minding the fact that my "long distance relationship" is reaching a year and I'm chasing after a older, taken but really fit woman in London. So the whole thing has been a bit of an upside down cake within the relationship business. Fucking hell I sound like a prick. But at least I can always hug my canvas in bed. Further more... what else did I want to say? Ah books! Yeah the books in my room mite as well be a visual representation of a national library... I cant see my bedroom floor because of this. Minding the odd dirty dishes of last nights dinner or the empty cans of fuck knows what I been drinking. Its a sort of mess like Picassos never ending list of ugly woman he has slept with. Yes I'm an art geek. And I would rather smoke and get drunk in my room painting 24/7 rather than do anything else. Which also brings me to another thing. I haven't been watching TV. This is becoming inhumane as I don't have the time or the bother to click a  channel on a plastic remote. I will admit it I do have an addiction and that is either nicotine, coffee or TV. Yes TV of all fucking things.

The whole 1000 channels in one box boggles my mind. If I was to go back on the TV I would spend 8 hours none stop. Although the channels would change anywhere from BBC 1 to those stupid and waste less advertisements to the next and best work out equipment finishing off with the ermm other channels. Yano the ones with the call me now section ;) . Anyway I must stop there and wrap this one up or else this thing mite turn into some weird novel anyway I will try and write as much as I can.   



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