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3. Day 3 24th of May

After my highly unexpected turn of events of yesterday I started to feel the effects of my bedroom gymnastics very early in a Sunday morning. Some of the draw backs from yesterday lead me to the worst back pain down my lower back and also knees as you know I was doing back flips or what not yesterday. Anyway as I finally got out of bed which was about mid day I started my usual routine of high sugar and high nicotine. 

After my morning routine I heard some awkward wondering from down stairs from my neighbor as I only live in a one floor flat (ghetto housing). Anyway I accomplished the world record of taking the slowest walk down stairs ever to finally meet my neighbor as he isn't really within my age group nor has he got the same sense of humor we still share one thing in common which is art and photography as I am a student in six form studying art and design, graphic design and also photography. Anyway we usually have a couple of words and later on we take a drive around and and go for a shoot to photograph sun sets. 

After our chat I broke my first world record of the slowest climb down the stairs by breaking it with climbing up the stairs. Anyway as I was out of it today completely I really did not do much at all today and it led me to laying in bed and having the usual routine of put locker , green tea and nicotine. 

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