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2. Day 2 23rd of May

After my usual Friday I started a Saturday.... yay. No actually today was a half decent to a personal success in which I actually got my lazy ass out of bed by 8am. Although the only reason for this is that I had a rather eventful day with my long distance girlfriend. I say that as I live in kent and she lives in Norwich. Taking that in consideration I'm pretty sure anyone that is reading this can imagine the events of the day. Anyway after the bedroom gymnastics I was knackered and this was only 3pm in which this shows my incompatibility of a physical sport of any sort rather it be bedroom gymnastics or even opening a jar of pickles. 


After the day was closing down for me and katie she wasn't all that happy about me leaving which is understandable as I do not have a clue as in when I will meet her next. Which leads me to another problem as her parents want to see me..... yeah.... you now what that means either the "I'm going to kill you if you upset my daughter" talk or the rather unpleasant "have u had sex yet" talk. Either way I will come prepared with my sarcasm and unfuny and rather pain full jokes.

But on the positive I have gained a subscriber thanks BlogginBalistic!! Don't worry I will sub back as I believe this is like a Facebook thing where u add complete strangers and meet with them in completely save and well lit alleyways in the middle of no where ... not that I have any experience with that but Google knows everything. 


Anyway moving on after I finally dragged my fat and lazy ass back home I could finally stuff my self with green tea, nicotine and a box full of chocolates whilst watching illegal movie streams on put locker. :) 

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