Something to write about everyday


1. Day 1 22nd of May

So I am writing this after a large amount of sugar within my large amount of green teas accompanied by a large amount of nicotine.... yes I do smoke. Besides my unhealthy lifestyle its a Friday which not by surprise has taken an uninteresting and rather boring turn just like any other Friday which I can add to my collection of boring Fridays. Although the rather shit turn of a day I have taken the bother of doing  something today which is to start a diary on this online writing thing. This is only happened thanks to my rather flamboyant friend which I may not name but let's call her Erica as she also does this writing thing but not like me as she does this rather religiously. 

As I have known Erica for a number of years, plus I'm bored, I have asked her for a meet up today to lose some of the boring start of the day if she replies. Although I haven't done much today the most positive aspect of the day is that the house is dead silent as my dad is sleeping for an obvious reason of having too many drinks and in addition is snorting like a retarded cow with mad cow disease. Anyhow I will see how the day turns out and maybe write more on this thing as I have titled it "Something to write everyday day"..... shit might have to change that. 

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