Fast and Furious Fanfic

~Rated Y for language and some violence~ I DO NOT OWN THE FAST AND FURIOUS FRANCHISE! I am doing this for pure fun and entertainment for the readers. ~Warning, Brian O'Connor dies in this...Sorry!~


1. One

I laid on the hood of my 1969 Dodge Challenger, staring up at the stars. I could hear my mom and dad inside the house, along with my uncles and aunts. They were having a 'crew' meeting, whatever that meant. We were also grieving in our own ways over the loss of Dad's 'brother'. His name was Brian O'Connor and he seriously knew a hell of a lot about cars and police work. I covered my eyes with my left arm, trying to make a headache go away. Brian had been the one to teach me how to drive, but Dad taught me a lot more than that. 

"I ain't got friends, I got family," Dad had said a few years ago, thinking I wouldn't understand it. 

But he didn't realize I did, not until someone had dissed our family by saying we were just a bunch of friends. As soon as I heard that, I spat that saying back at them. 

I take a deep breathe as I sit up, the Imagine Dragons' song, 'Monster' played on my radio.

'Ever since I could remember, everything inside of me, just wanted to fit in. I was never one for pretenders, everything I tried to be just wouldn't settle in. If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me? And if I seem dangerous, would you be scared? I get the feeling just because, everything I touch isn't dark enough. If this problem lies in me,' I barely belted out, feeling the song's message. 

I put my head in my hands, trying to stay as calm as I can. Brian died because of a stupid ass decision I ended up making. I was a lot like mymom in looks, but I had Dad's attitude and need for speed. I shake my head, hop off the hood then I get into the driver's seat. I needed to get some fresh air and hanging around here wasn't going to help. I started the engine, feeling the horsepower under the hood.

I pull out of the driveway, making the last thing I see, before I get back is the house number and the street address. The car's tires squeal and burn rubber as I speed away. I knew I'd catch hell from my family when I got back, but hey it's worth it. Once I reached an abandonded area that almost no one comes to, I call my crew.

A few minutes later, a lime green and burnt orange 2015 Dodge SRT Hellcat Challenger, a blue 2005 Ford Mustang and a black 1973 Dodge Charger show up. I smile as the drivers get out, sitting on their hoods like me. They grin, which makes me feel a little better than I was. The owner of the burnt orange Hellcat is the first to speak.

"So what's on the agenda tonight, Rachelle.".

"Don't know, Macky. Mom, Dad and their crew are having a meeting as we speak," I reply.

"Damn," he responds, a mischievous smile on his face.

Macky, one of the best damn racers I know, is the other brains of this operation. I stifle a laugh as a piece of Macky's auburn hair falls from behind his right ear. His oval shaped face had a few scars on it from various fights he's been in, but he won all of them. His pale green eyes stare at me, something I think is cute, but kinda uncomfortable.

The driver of the lime green Hellcat, a small girl with blonde and pink hair howls with laughter. Excitement etches her heartshaped face and determination is set in her pale brown eyes. I roll my eyes at her, being as she's my best friend and my fraternal twin sister.

"Jasella, what do you think Mom and Dad are talking about back at the house," I ask her.

"Don't know and really I don't care, but it's probably something about Uncle Brian or the Mortez's crew," she responds, after popping a bubble.

I nod, observing the drivers of the Mustang and the Charger. The charger's driver, a short stocky girl grins, flipping her long black hair over her right shoulder. The mustang's driver, an average looking guy just shakes his head. I grin again at my group. Macky howls at the moon, signaling that we've got company. 

"Rachelle Nova Toretto, what the hell do you think you're doing," my mom, Letty Ortis-Toretto asks me, getting out of Dad's Hellcat.

"Nothing, Ma," I reply, nonchalantly.

Mom looks at me, knowing I just lied to her. She didn't care though, because she taught me to lie. Dad finally gets out of the car, joining us. He takes one look at Macky and me, then nudges Mom's left shoulder.

"Pay up, Letty," He says.

"We don't know yet, Dom," Mom retorts.

Sarah (the driver of the Charger) shouts,"Rach, your parents are Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz?!?".

Micah (the driver of the Mustang) nods, as do Macky and Jasella. Sarah just stares in awe.

"I thought you knew, Sarah," Jasella says.

Sarah nods her head 'no'. I shake my head, but I stiffen when I  hear another car's engine.

They can't come here, this is Toretto Crew land, I think to myself as I see an unfamilar car and a familar car show up.

"What the f-ck you want, Daegan," I growl upon seeing my ex-boyfriend.

"A race is all," he replies running his right hand through his platinum blonde hair.

Yeah right, that's all my ass. You want my crew's cars, I think.

This night has gone from bad to worse.

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