If Mortals Were to Be Plants

Everyone is different. Everyone have their own believes.
But we are all the same.
Jealousy, darkness, greed, and many other emotions thar are described only for humanity.

But did you know that plants tend to feel the same?

*For the Poetry Competition*


1. If Mortals Were to Be Plants

if mortals were to be plants,
some will float in the stream's aim,
while others will drift apart.

They would be radiant like the moon,
but with every charm
there is thorns left in the heart.

how they are very moody,
when the sky turns gloomy.
clouds will put a show of rainstorm,
while plants complain deeply.

oh, and when the sun smiles brightly,
some will smile back happily
while others just shield themselves

if i were to describe humanity
i would fill the paper,
with nothing but a flower,
with so many thorns.

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