Hellsing Book One: New Revolution

Hellsing is under attack once more-In Integra, doesn't have much time due to her age of getting old, until a certain group of half breeds drug her with some type of medicine that made her the age of 20. Without knowing why the group of half breeds want her to be so young-She sends Alucard & Seras to found out why. While doing so, their have new members; Nolan-A 20 female half breed who been hell through her years getting no breaks due to the fact she has to rise her 10 year old brother; Rydars a another half breed-Both trying to control the monster before them. Nolan is forcing war with her people and others-Now in England, away from America from their home land. Nolan & Rydars join the Hellsing to stop the revolution starting among their people . While the Hellsing start to look into this new threat, the group will not only found out their have more in common the normal, there will fall inlove as well.


1. Readers Note

Let's make this clear: I do not owe of the hellsing shows, characters, plot base on the show or the characters. Am simple a fan who love hellsing show because it really good- This book sequel is just base on my idea after the show " Hellsing OVA " it will contain information on; Hellsing, Hellsing OVA and the new hellsing show; Hellsing The Dawn. As far as owning this content no I do not-It simple a sequel fan fiction stuff.

Now far as shipping-Yes I do owe that so here is the list of shipping ideas

*IntegraXNolan {Nolan is complete a girl so lesbian fan fiction}

The only two shipping, as far as some of the old characters I am certain going to bring Walter Hellsing- But I am going to make him younger like Integra but as 14 again so the other character can have someone to look up to in the sequel; Rydars a ten year old boy.

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