Hellsing Book One: New Revolution

Hellsing is under attack once more-In Integra, doesn't have much time due to her age of getting old, until a certain group of half breeds drug her with some type of medicine that made her the age of 20. Without knowing why the group of half breeds want her to be so young-She sends Alucard & Seras to found out why. While doing so, their have new members; Nolan-A 20 female half breed who been hell through her years getting no breaks due to the fact she has to rise her 10 year old brother; Rydars a another half breed-Both trying to control the monster before them. Nolan is forcing war with her people and others-Now in England, away from America from their home land. Nolan & Rydars join the Hellsing to stop the revolution starting among their people . While the Hellsing start to look into this new threat, the group will not only found out their have more in common the normal, there will fall inlove as well.


3. Chapter Two: Old Don't Die Young

" Seras? Alucard? " She call out, as she start moving-She began to feel strange....like...a good strange not evil or bad in any way. She notice the two vampires on the floor with gun shot wounds.


Integra come closer the vampires, first she check on Seras who was half away from her bed, she began to move her hand around the young female vampire body knowing; Gold & Silver bullet marks on her. Her wounds was heal but the marking was still their, plus the young female was pass out cold.

She rise herself up from the ground then went to check on Alucard; His body was in a weird position-his guns on the floor, she began to remove his red coat trying to see if their was any same wounds as Seras.
Of course she did found the wounds, same markings as well


" Alucard? Can you hear me? " She try to call her servant

No answer 
" He's not dead, probably some type of spell or something making him.....black out cold for a certain hour of time....but why don't their just kill me....or them episodically..." Integra thought to herself out loud.


Then she began searching for any more marking, as she did a note fallen out of his shirt


" What this? " Integra picken up the note and began reading it


Dear miss Integra,  
    You don't know me but I know you-I know you try to help...will get rid of certain creatures that harm humans on earth. Which is perfect as same as my company, sadly I can't not discuses with you about it because our trust isn't strong yet to talk FACE-TO-FACE. Until then I guess I should explain why my workers was at your home;
First-A women like you is hard to found at a age to keep a busy running so...how can I put this? Your not old no more, your more younger, stronger like you once was-The age we mostly can tell you are now is about 20, as well I am sending two special helpers of mine that have become outcast. As far getting information from them, you'll only get little. But it better then noting to your own words, that I understand you stand by. Hope yes! The bullet shoots did not kill your " Pets " their simple black out for a good while, as far as anything esle tell them we don't mean no harm. We try to be careful as can be.
                 Your watcher: Half Breeds Leader


" This gotten to be a damn joke, right? " Integra then look at words ' More Younger ' she thought, that couldn't be true....could it? ' Integra mind was determined that this was a hoax, she risen up once more then walk to the bathroom-Loo-ken in the mirror and...there she was.


" Oh...my...GOD! " She yell bloody murder, which final waken Alucard & Seras

" Sir! " Seras call out, to a lock door


" Seras! Go away! NOW! " Integra cry

' H-ho-how in the hell did their do this? WHY?! Why is the real question?! '


Without Integra knowing it, Alucard had come into the bathroom


" Master? " He call out, she turn around looking at him with a surprising-shock face, He taken off his glasses then look at her hard.


" Integra....? " Alucard said, while holding his glasses

" We......may.....have...a..problem, Alucard...." Integra said as she look down

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