Hellsing Book One: New Revolution

Hellsing is under attack once more-In Integra, doesn't have much time due to her age of getting old, until a certain group of half breeds drug her with some type of medicine that made her the age of 20. Without knowing why the group of half breeds want her to be so young-She sends Alucard & Seras to found out why. While doing so, their have new members; Nolan-A 20 female half breed who been hell through her years getting no breaks due to the fact she has to rise her 10 year old brother; Rydars a another half breed-Both trying to control the monster before them. Nolan is forcing war with her people and others-Now in England, away from America from their home land. Nolan & Rydars join the Hellsing to stop the revolution starting among their people . While the Hellsing start to look into this new threat, the group will not only found out their have more in common the normal, there will fall inlove as well.


2. Chapter One: Shoot Thought That Kill

" Good night master " Seras turn to Alucard  " Good Night, madam " Then turn to Integra


" Good Night Seras, Alucard...." Integra said as she turn back to Alucard who was walking slowly away " Alucard? " She call out, it only been a month since he been back, everything seem normal until the fact Integra is going to die of old age.


"  Master? " Alucard reply, while he turn back to look at Integra

" Am happy that you came back " She slowly shown a smile, Alucard hardly seen her smile in a long time not since she was a little girl.

Seras stop " I am too, I told you the master would come back! " Seras smile big as a school girl


Alucard don't smile for a while, which made Seras school girl smile turn into confusion until Alucard chuckle then look at her hard, then smirk " Of course you are...." 


" Well, it has been a long day-I'll see you two in the morning " Integra, the two vampires nodded then headed for their chambers.
As Integra made her way to her room, as everyone was getting ready for bed; Integra heard something. She turn every way, until she had a bad feeling that something was going to happen. She slowly grab a gun; With silver bullets out of her nearness dresser. 
In the shadows without knowing it, was two man; With gold tone with ruby mix eyes, the two man look at each other 


" Grab her " One command, a man grab Integra-Covering her mouth while the other pull out a needle with some type of bottle that he slowly taken the needle to place the liquid in then carefully place the needle into Integra  left arm veins.


' Alucard! Seras! If you can hear me! HELP! NOW!!! ' She call out in her mouth, while the other notice this somehow


" Hurry up, she call the Hellsing pets...." The man holding her said
The man pull out the needle, the liquid was all gone

" There, it done-I hope this work or we are fucking dead! " The other man said, while their was talking Integra  was feeling strange. 


' Oh dear god, am going to die-Will at less I won't die of old age ' she try to joke to her self, she slowly was passing out


" Holy shit, it taking effort like he said! " The man said with the needle

" That good but we need to move, now! "  The other man, taken Integra to her bed, lay her down careful until their notice a vampire with a red coat.


" Now, what do we have ? " Alucard said as he stare at the two men


" Oh....fuck...." The man said while he move away from the bed of Integra, the other pull a gun-But this gun was strange it had silver & golden tone bullets reading: HPOC.

" Am sorry " He pull out his gun push his buddy out of the way then shoot Alucard


" Fool! I will...wha-" Alucard couldn't move, " What the hell...is...this..."


" Am sorry friend but we can't let you ruin our plans " while he walk over to Alucard, he place a note.


The door blusted; Seras was their 


" Hold it, right there...." She was holding her sniper


" Now we are fuck, ain't we? " One man ask
" No, just shut the living bloody hell up! " Other said
Seras look around founding Alucard trap " Master! " She run over to him

Alucard couldn't speak or even speak in her mind or do anything mental or physical like....like he was dead! 

Seras piss as hell, pointed the gun at one man

" Look we-" BANG, Seras taken the shoot-Without listening to the man speech
" Fuck dude! " Other said, then he pull out H.P.O.C then shoot her
" Come on, I'll carry you! " He said


" Don't, it will heal soon-I'll be fine, we need just to get the hell out of here-Before their wake up! " 
' Master......Integra......please.....someone ' Seras black out- The strangers left, leaving some blood on the floor while the three was shoot & blacked out.

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