Hellsing Book One: New Revolution

Hellsing is under attack once more-In Integra, doesn't have much time due to her age of getting old, until a certain group of half breeds drug her with some type of medicine that made her the age of 20. Without knowing why the group of half breeds want her to be so young-She sends Alucard & Seras to found out why. While doing so, their have new members; Nolan-A 20 female half breed who been hell through her years getting no breaks due to the fact she has to rise her 10 year old brother; Rydars a another half breed-Both trying to control the monster before them. Nolan is forcing war with her people and others-Now in England, away from America from their home land. Nolan & Rydars join the Hellsing to stop the revolution starting among their people . While the Hellsing start to look into this new threat, the group will not only found out their have more in common the normal, there will fall inlove as well.


5. Chapter Four: Perfect Hunt

Integra still in bit of a stage was trying to keep calm and focus to found these two mysterious people who may know something. Before Alucard & Seras could head out, Integra call them once more

" Alucard! Seras! I need a word with both of you now..." Integra call out 


few seconds later; Alucard and Seras appearl to Integra, Integra was holding something in her hand

" Yes, Master? " Alucard ask


" Looks like you don't have to look around just for anyone, when the attack happen-one of the guard spot the strangers that visit me last night, and it seem like one of the strangers drop something on purpose, it seems. " She smoke her cigarette, blowing out smoke-slowly like.


" What was it, Sir?  " Seras ask, 


" A picture....of some type of women..." Inetgra said as she gave the picture to Alucard as Seras was staring at the picture;

A women with short red hair, eyes golden rubies like the strangers, white skin tone,  tattoos of a golden cross on her hand, as the other had some type of demon spell symbol. She was also wearing a black leather jacket, a silver cross necklace and finger-less gloves like Walter use to do.

" Sadly their only one person in the picture which is her, but it's probably possible that the other person he or she is with her. " Taking her cigarette, and smoking some more 


" Remember what I said: I want them ' ALIVE' no killing or any blood shed-If their fight, you may fight back if your life depends on it, but I want them alive-I don't care how you bring them as long their  still breathing when you bring them to me.  " Integra said as she put out the cigarette.

" Understand? " She question both Alucard and Seras as she puff out some smoke from her mouth


" As your wishes, Master " Alucard said, hoping he would kill at less one person

" Sir, Yes Sir " Seras said

" Good, I don't know if she human or not- nor the other person, so watch out " Integra said 


" Do we know her location? " Alucard ask


" Yes , it turns out she hangs around a auto shop not far from here "  Which made Seras head turn side ways.


' How did we get that information? If all we have to follow on is a note and just a picture....'

Seras wonder, not knowing that Alucard was reading her mind  once more


' Easy police girl-The picture says it on the back..."


He said to her mind as he pass the picture to her.


" Now,  it being..." Integra pause for a movement to look at her clock

 { Which was reading: 11; 06 pm}

" Perfect.....you two can catch them in time, now I want you to  get them  before their change their location. " Integra said as she taken a cigarette out of her pack once more, sliding the cigarette into her mouth, lighting the tip of it up then smoking away. 


" By your command, Master " Alucard said while walking to a window-Looking at Seras " Come, police girl-The hunt begins! " He chuckle as she follow.


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