Hellsing Book One: New Revolution

Hellsing is under attack once more-In Integra, doesn't have much time due to her age of getting old, until a certain group of half breeds drug her with some type of medicine that made her the age of 20. Without knowing why the group of half breeds want her to be so young-She sends Alucard & Seras to found out why. While doing so, their have new members; Nolan-A 20 female half breed who been hell through her years getting no breaks due to the fact she has to rise her 10 year old brother; Rydars a another half breed-Both trying to control the monster before them. Nolan is forcing war with her people and others-Now in England, away from America from their home land. Nolan & Rydars join the Hellsing to stop the revolution starting among their people . While the Hellsing start to look into this new threat, the group will not only found out their have more in common the normal, there will fall inlove as well.


6. Chapter Five: Hunt For Two

Alucard  & Seras was out onto the streets, founding a auto shop-Not knowing if someone or something would even be there for them to take down of course not harming them both. Will maybe not so much in Alucard thoughts which Seras don't pay attention of.

" Master? " Seras said

" Yes? " He reply, as their walk to the auto shop-Slowly and calmly like this was a walk in the park.

" Do you think their inhuman? " Her question was unsure to Alucard, with him of course he had all the answers-He been around longer then anyone, seen more creatures then god has created. His answer was shock to Seras

"  I don't know, but I have a feeling that it is probably inhuman....if their go all that trouble to make Master Integra young again, it has to be inhuman in some form or way.." His words was stop when he heard voices

" Hey! Do you think, we could live somewhere in the country side? " A young voice was heard

" Country side? What the hell are we ? " Other female voice was heard

" Just saying, gosh.....don't be source a jerk " Young voice said lastly


Seras was about to open the door, but Alucard stop her


" No " He whisper
" I'll go in through the walls-You stay out here just in case this doesn't turn out like it sure..."

As she nodded her head; Master Alucard went through the walls.
What he was hoping to found either teenage vampires, monster or anything inhuman but this  was total wrong what he was hoping for-The two people  was; A female of course, young through-With the perfect apparel as the picture gave and by her side was a young boy not even in his teen yet. With beside them was a motorcycle-Not old or even brand new, with some type of bags onto it like their have been traveling like forever.

" Now isn't this a surprise " He said, as he look at the young boy which was scare shit-less before him in his eyes which made no different, anyone would shit in their pants with the likes of him.

Before Alucard could say anything, he try to move closer to them but he couldn't the young female grab the boy, place him on the motorcycle and got the living hell out of there.


The young female broken the garage which was wooden-Easy enough for her escape, Seras step back and watch the motorcycle go by like a bat out of hell with her Master running out to try to catch the motorcycle.

" Get them! " He call out to her
Seras run , catching up to Alucard to get the two people
while their was doing so Alucard  could see the two young people what their was doing:


" Shoot them! " The female said, as she pass the gun to the boy

" But...?!" The young boy question

" Just do it! " She yell, the boy waited for a movement then fire shots at Alucard and Seras. Seras was surprise to see the young boy arm so young but yet hit the target like a damn master.

' For a child, he can shot...'

Seras thoughted to her self, Alucard notice her thought and reply to it

' Yes. meaning...their not normal humans.....'  

With that their went after them.


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