Every Other Weekend (Payzer/Sophiam)

Ali and Rachel Payne are devastated when their parents, Liam and Danielle split, and are suspicious about their dad's new girlfriend, Sophia.


8. On The First Day Of Christmas...

I peel the light purple wrapping paper from the small rectangular box, revealing the 'Apple' logo and a picture of an iPhone 6.  


"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, thank you!" I fan myself, earning a chuckle from my dad, followed by a warm smile.  


"You're welcome. I'm glad you like it."  


"I love it."  


"Thank you, daddy," Rachel holds up an identical box, only hers displays a picture of a white phone and mine's black.


 "You're welcome," he repeats, before gently sliding us each another present on the carpet. "Open the next ones."  


This gift feels much softer than the last, and is wrapped in light blue paper with white snowflakes, and a sticker tag, saying 'To: Ali, From: Sophia'.  


I carelessly strip the paper off of it, revealing a dark blue custom sweater, reading 'Ali'. Rachel's is light pink, and says 'Rachel'.  


They're actually both really cute and thoughtful, but I feel like she only bought us presents to seem nice to my dad.   Either way, it is the season to be jolly and not ungrateful, so I fake a smile for her and my dad.  


"Thanks, it's really pretty."  




I lay on one of the black leather couches, setting up my new phone. It has a plain white baby blue case, which I've been doodling on with a Sharpie. I've already transferred my contacts from my old phone to this one, and now am just scrolling through my camera roll, trying to determine which photo should be my lock screen, and which should be my home screen. Tomorrow ends the seemingly endless wait to go to my mom's house, and I couldn't be happier.   I sigh as I play 'QuizUp!', the heavenly sound of 'Heartbreak Girl' by 5SOS playing in my ears.  


My phone vibrates, a text notification flashing in my notification bar.  


Darcy: Hey, wanna have a sleepover at my house tonight? My mom can drive you guys to your mom's tomorrow for Christmas.  


Me: Of course! :) Let me ask my dad, hold on.  


Darcy: Kk.  


I sprint upstairs to my dad's room from the couch. He glances up from his laptop.  


"Yes?" He raises an eyebrow.  


"Can Rachel and I have a sleepover at Darcy's tonight? Her mom can drive us to mom's tomorrow, don't worry. Please?" I cross my fingers in my hoodie pocket when an expression of contemplation appears on his face.  


I bite my lip when he opens his mouth, furrowing my eyebrows together and hoping I'll get the answer that I want.  


"I guess," he sighs.   


"Yes!" My voice squeaks as I quickly hug him. "Thanks daddy, I love you so much."  




"I love it!" Reagan holds in her hand the ' Partners in Crime' necklace I got for her, similar to the ones I got for Darcy and Taryn, which say 'Best Friends' and 'Sisters at Heart'.  


I know it's cliche, but it was really last minute, and I wanted something for each of them to show our friendship.  


Darcy got me a custom skin for my phone, so I'm guessing she was told I was getting a new one. It has two pictures, the one on the top is of us when we had first become friends in sixth grade, when we were twinning as witches for Halloween. The picture on the bottom is a picture of us when we went to a Shawn Mendes concert a few months ago.  


Taryn got me a copy of 'LiveSOS', the new album from 5 Seconds of Summer, my favorite band. Reagan got me a $50 gift card to my favorite store, Justice.  


"Do you guys want some hot chocolate?" Darcy offers, standing up from her criss cross position on the floor.  


"Sure," I shrug, and Taryn nods.  


"Can someone please help me?" She calls from the kitchen minutes later, and I stand up to help my friend.  


"Thank you," I grab two mugs, simply nodding.  


"We should watch a movie," Reagan suggests when I hand her a mug of hot chocolate, and Rachel nods enthusiastically.


"Hmmm," Darcy taps her chin, scrolling through Netflix. "What should we watch?"  


"White Chicks!"   I shake my head at Rachel's typical chick flick suggestion, rolling my eyes as I lightly smile.  


Oh dear goodness, Rachel, where would the world be without you?  




Hey guys! Okay so I felt like there should be like a Christmas-sy feel to this chapter, and I hope you liked it! Please vote, it would mean a lot, comment what you think, thanks so much for reading my little tacos, love you all!

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