Every Other Weekend (Payzer/Sophiam)

Ali and Rachel Payne are devastated when their parents, Liam and Danielle split, and are suspicious about their dad's new girlfriend, Sophia.


15. James

I sit close to James so I can read the screen of his tablet, as he searches for supporting details as to why the drinking age shouldn't be lowered, occasionally scribbling down tidbits of information in my notebook.

"Hey, are you thirsty?" He stands up from his position on the floor and offers me a hand, helping me up. "We have soda in the kitchen, juice, or if you just want ice water."

I shrug. "Water's fine."

He nods as he leads me downstairs to the kitchen, where his mom sits at the table reading a 'James Patterson' book, with a bowl of kettle corn and a can of Pepsi. When we enter the kitchen, she looks up from her book and smiles at us.

"Well you must be Ali. I've heard about you."

I raise an eyebrow and look at James, who doesn't notice, because he's looking in the fridge.

"Don't worry, all good things."

I smile and nod, before James closes the fridge and gets the ice tray from the freezer.

Moments later, he hands me a cup of water with ice in it, and a cup for himself in his other hand.

"Thanks." I follow him upstairs to his room.

After another hour of working on our project, we finish, and James decides to walk me home. When we step outside, cold air nips at my bare arms, and I shiver.

When James isn't behind me, I turn around to see him still standing on his porch, unzipping his hoodie.

"Catch," he tosses it to me, and I catch it.

"Thank you."

He nods, and I pull his black jacket onto my arms, and zip it up. 

"It's warm," I laugh lightly as we start walking. 

On the walk home, we talk. About things he likes to do, things he'd like to do, and it was nice to get to know him. When we reach my house, he pulls me into a brief hug, wrapping his arms around me. 

"See you tomorrow, Ali."

"S- see you tomorrow," I stutter, in disbelief of what just happened, before unzipping his hoodie and handing it to him, and forcing a smile to recover from my awkwardness. "Today was nice." 


Hey guys! Okay so sorry this chapter is short and it's taken so long to update. I've been really busy with school, and I don't really have time to write anymore, but I promise I'll try to update again soon. Please vote, thanks for reading, I hope you liked the chapter, I love you all, my beautiful tacos! 

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