Every Other Weekend (Payzer/Sophiam)

Ali and Rachel Payne are devastated when their parents, Liam and Danielle split, and are suspicious about their dad's new girlfriend, Sophia.


3. For The Better

Her voice echos in my head as I run up the stairs. I slam my bedroom door behind me, and sink to the floor, my back against the wall.


"Ali?" She shakes the doorknob. "Open this door. Honey, we can talk about this."


"Talk about what? Why you and dad are getting a divorce for no reason? Sure, let's talk!" I yell through the door.


"Honey," I hear the softness in her voice. "It's just not working out, I'm sorry, we-"


"Not working out? Seriously? It's not working out? My grades last trimester were 'not working out' but I made it work, so why can't you two!"


"Ali, it's hard on us too. I- imagine what it's like for us. One of us won't get to see you girls that often due to custody issues, that's very hard on us. We just think it'll be better for us to see other people, o-okay, sweetie?"


"Don't call me that," I spit bitterly.


"Stop acting like this!" I hear the desperation in her tone. "Just please, let me in, Ali."


"How can you do this to me?"


"Ali," her voice is apologetic when I finally cave in to her begging and open the door. She pulls me into a warm embrace. "I'm so sorry."


"If you were sorry, you wouldn't be getting a divorce," a single tear finally rolls down my cheek after I'd been trying to hold back the water works.


She wipes the falling tears from my eyes with her thumbs.


"I love you, Ali. Raising you is one of the best things I've ever done," she gives me a warm smile as we sit down on my bed facing each other. "I love you and Rachel more than words can explain. And your dad, too. But this is for the better. When we sort out everything with custody, no matter what happens, I don't want you to be sad. We're still both here for you, we both still love you, and we both still care for you very much. Okay? I don't want you to be sad about this. I love you, Ali. We'll work this all out and it'll all be okay."


"What if it isn't okay? What if- what if I end up going with either you and dad, for full time? And then I never get to see the other of you again?"


"That won't happen. Okay? It's okay," she wipes my tears again, and I look down at my bed spread.


"I just don't want to lose you. Any of you."


"You won't! I promise, you won't!"


"What if Rachel and I end up going to different parents? I know we fight like cats and dogs, but we couldn't handle being split like that. I'm scared."


She takes my face in her hands, forcing me to look at her.


"You are my brave little girl, Ali," she smiles at me. "You've always been. You can make it through this. I promise."  




Hello my beautiful tacos! I hope you like this chapter, sorry it's short, please vote, thank you so much for reading, comment what you think, love you guys!


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