Every Other Weekend (Payzer/Sophiam)

Ali and Rachel Payne are devastated when their parents, Liam and Danielle split, and are suspicious about their dad's new girlfriend, Sophia.


13. El

"So he asked you to go with him?" Reagan gasps. "Lucky!" 

I laugh. "Why not just go with Carlos?" 

"I am, I mean you're lucky that he asked you. I heard the other cheerleaders talking about him and basically fangirling over him." 

"Well, unfortunately for them, he's coming with me, and I don't share. Even if we are just going as friends. Now can you stop playing 20 Questions, and help me look for something to wear?" 

She nods, sighing as she turns back to skimming through the racks. "What about this one?" 

"Too dressy. I want something casual." 

"So you're seriously going to show up to a dance in jeans?" 

"Yeah... I just need your help finding a new outfit to wear." 

"Well, you're sure as hell not wearing jeans. Can't you just wear a dress? You'd look really cute. I could even do your hair if you want." 

"You know I hate dresses. The feeling of my thighs rubbing against each other." 

"So wear spandex under them. You have to impress James. You're wearing a dress." 

"Yes mother," I roll my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest. 

She picks a few dresses from the racks, thrusting them into my arms. "Go try these on."


I sit outside, boredly tapping my foot against the steps in front of my house. Eleanor texted me and wanted to meet me so we could go somewhere, just her and me, and talk. I have no idea why, but I kind of miss her. She's been busy lately. 

When her blue car finally pulls up in front of my house, I stand up and walk through my yard to her car, getting in on the passenger side. 

"Hey," she smiles, and I return the gesture. "So where do you want to go? Is fro-yo okay?" 

"Yeah, that's perfect. Why do you want to talk to me, though? 

"I just want to hang out with one of my favorite girls," she elbows me playfully. 

"Oh," I smile awkwardly, turning on the radio, to be greeted by the sound of 'Bo$$' by Fifth Harmony. 

She drives to Pinkberry. 

After we order, mine vanilla and hers strawberry, we go sit outside at one of the umbrella tables. 

"So how has your life been? Any cute boys at school?" 

I feel my cheeks flush at the thought of James, and I slowly nod, taking a bite of my rainbow sprinkle topped yogurt. 

"What's he like? Have you talked to him at all?" 

I hold up a finger as I swallow my food, before I answer. "We're going to the Valentine's dance together." 

"Well that's fun. Are you two-"

"What's with the interrogation?" I laugh. 

"I'm just curious," she shrugs. "So anyways, I need to tell you something really important, and I trust you not to tell anybody." 

"Even Reagan?" 

"Even Reagan. Promise to keep it a secret?" 


"I want it to be a surprise. If you want, you can help me tell them but when I'm ready." 

"What is it?" 

"I'm pregnant." 


Hey guys! So I know it's short, and I'm sorry. This story's still in editing, from this chapter on. I hope I can have it done by the end of the summer. I hope you guys like it, please vote, thanks for reading, I love you all, my beautiful tacos! 

QOTD: If you had no money limit, what would you do for your birthday?

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