Every Other Weekend (Payzer/Sophiam)

Ali and Rachel Payne are devastated when their parents, Liam and Danielle split, and are suspicious about their dad's new girlfriend, Sophia.


10. And a Crazy New Year

"10! 9! 8!" Everyone shouts as the shiny glittery ball gradually descends, and I cover my ears. "3! 2! 1!"  


Even from a distance, the ball dropping is really pretty.  


"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The crowd erupts.  


 Since the 'Dick Clark's Rocking Eve' is still going on, a lot of people are staying to watch artists perform, but there's still a swarm of people as we're trying to make our way to our car. We had to park all the way on the other end of Times Square, because so many cars already lined the streets.  


I get in the backseat when we reach our car, and Rachel takes shotgun.  


"Did you get it on video?" My mom asks when she turns on the car, 'Anaconda' by Nicki Minaj blasting from the speakers when she turns on the radio.  


"Yeah," I pull out my phone.  


"Good." She smiles. "So, what are your girls's resolutions for the new year?"  


"I don't really know," I shrug. "I haven't thought about it much."  


"I want to lose weight."  


I roll my eyes at Rachel's answer. She doesn't have any weight to even lose.  


"What's yours, mom?" I ask, letting out a yawn.  


"I want to see you guys more and be a good mom, just be here for you guys."  




I pull my hair up into a bun after putting on my volleyball uniform, consisting of my team shirt and shorts.  


Since my dad's at work, Sophia's taking me to my game, and Rachel's at Taryn's house, so she's not coming to the game. I honestly would rather be pepper sprayed as opposed to being alone with Sophia.  


"Are you ready to go?" Sophia asks, folding her arms over her chest as she leans against the frame of my door.   I roll my eyes, ignoring her as I quickly put on lip gloss and fix my eye makeup from this morning.  


"You ready?" Sophia repeats when I walk out of my bedroom.  


"What does it look like?" I gesture up and down my body. "Let's go already."  


We go downstairs and make our way outside to the driveway to her car. When she turns her car on, I'm pleasantly surprised when 'Don't Stop' erupts from her car speakers.  


"OH MY GOD!" I squeal.  


"What?" She raises an eyebrow, amused.  


"I love this song!"  




The air filled ball comes in contact with my hand briefly before I hit it over the net. People on the other side of the net rush to hit it back over the net to us, but it falls to the floor, putting us even further ahead from the other team.    


At the end of the game, we win, ahead of the other team by eight points, and I jump up and down enthusiastically, only to be unexpectedly lifted off the hard floor and spun around in circles by a girl on my team, Olivia.  


"We won!"




I absentmindedly stare at my math homework, 'Really Don't Care' by Demi Lovato playing in my ears as I tap my pencil against my spiral notebook.   I have no idea how anybody could be good at math. I happen to be one of the lucky people who could probably lick my elbow before even understanding math at all.  


I sigh, reaching over on my dresser to grab an Icebreaker, popping it into my mouth and sucking on it.   Eventually, when I realize how long I've been just staring at the paper, I let out a heavy breath.  


"Screw it," I mumble. "Who needs math, anyway?"  




I start eating my black olive pizza when my phone vibrates. I narrow my eyes suspiciously, unlocking my phone when I see I have a text from Sophia.  


Sophia: Lauren, I can't do it. I can't hurt Liam like that, or the girls. I'm sorry.  


My eyes widen and I gasp.  


"What's wrong?" Rachel asks when she sees my sudden mood change, raising an eyebrow.  


"Look at this," I slide my phone across the table to her, and she reads the text from Sophia.


  "She's been using dad! I knew it!"  


"And I guess this 'Lauren' put her up to do something, but she can't."


  Rachel slowly shakes her head, her eyes widening in disbelief.


  "We have to tell dad."




Hi guys! I know I haven't updated in a while, but I'm sorry. I've been busy. I hope you liked the chapter, please vote, thanks for reading, I love you all my beautiful tacos! 


QOTD: If you could save one thing from a fire, what would it be? 

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