Exchange student Cameron Bohr lives under Ashton Irwin's roof for a summer. Ashton takes her in like a little sister, and sparks fly between Cam and two of the band members. Which one will she choose? And how comfortable can they get?


1. Introduction

I lug my bag out of my new fake brother's car. This happens all the time. I move to a new country and I apparently need to call them my family-even though they're not. 

Yes, I have my reasons as to why I hate being a foreign exchange student. I know it sounds weird as to why I'd bring this upon myself to be forced into stranger's homes. We all have secrets, right? Well, that's mine. And this is a story, not my diary, so if I happen to think about it (which I try not to), or I happen to tell someone about it, then you'll find out, too. So stick around, I can barley keep my mouth shut. You'll probably find out soon.

I have one suitcase-that's all I'm allowed. I also have a bunch of money to buy the new clothes I'll be needing. Ashton, my fake brother, helps by holding the door open for me. "Thanks," I say out of habit, though it's not very sincere. 

Ashton's mother comes up to me. "Hey, nice to see you, I'm Mrs. Irwin," she says in a happy voice, giving me a hug. I give her a suckish hug back. I'm not good at this.

"I'm Cam," I say, putting my heavy suitcase on the ground. 

"I'm so glad you could stay with us," gosh this woman is cheerful. "Ashton can show you to your room." She pats my back and Ashton leads me up the stairs. 

He opens a door to a blue and white room. It's. Huge. "Oh my God," I say and drop my suitcase. 

"It's a little big. We wanted to make you feel at home," he smiles widely. I'm going to like it here. The walls are blue with a white rug covering half the room and a light brown wood covering the other half. The rug half is on the side of the door. The bed is directly to the left of the door, having light blue sheets and white fluffy pillows. The wood side has a light blue couch and a little empty library except for one book-Romeo and Juliet. 

Ashton is still smiling, clearly proud. "You said your favorite color was light blue and so I painted your room. You also said you love books and your favorite is Romeo and Juliet because you can read it over and over and still discover new things," he says. I recal the one time we talked on the phone. 

"You did all this?" I ask, grateful. 

"With mom's money," he blushed a little. 

"Thank you thank you thank you!" I say and run up to him, wrapping my arms around his neck to hug him. He laughs and hugs back.

"You didn't see the closet yet," he says, hopeful. I open the clost door near the BALCONY and gasp. The walls are a hot pink and the shelves and rods to hand things up are black. The carpet is also black, all matching the black mirror in the middle of the closet.

"You. Are. The. Best," I say.

"Don't worry about it. We have to share a bathroom so it's the least I could do. Just then the door bell rang. "It's time for you to get some friends," Ashton says and takes me downstairs. 

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