Exchange student Cameron Bohr lives under Ashton Irwin's roof for a summer. Ashton takes her in like a little sister, and sparks fly between Cam and two of the band members. Which one will she choose? And how comfortable can they get?


2. Dark

Ashton takes me down the stairs to show me his friends. He opens the door widely to a view of three stunning boys-but I can't seem to stop staring at the blond one. "Hey guys. This is my new, temporary sister, Cameron. She likes to be called Cam," Ashton says. The boys walk in. "And this is Calum," he points to the guy smirking, who also catches my attention. "That's Luke," he points to the perfect blond one. "And this is Michael," Ashton points to the last boy, who entertains a fun color hair. 

"Hey," Calum says. 

"Sup," Michael nods his head.

The blond one just smiles. It may have only been a small smile, but it was enough to melt my insides and tear me down. That's how I knew I had to stay away from him. He's too womderful and if I get too close, I'll just have to leave again. It has happend way too many times.

"Let's go to the beach," Luke suggests. 

"Can you guys drop me off at the mall?" I ask. 

"Sure thing, you can come if you want," Ashton says. He pushes us all out of the house and shouts to his mom, "We'll be back for diner!" She shouts something back but I can't understand.

"I think I'll stick with the mall, thanks though," I say. A few minutes later, I'm finding myself in Ashton's car with Luke next to me and Calum next to him while Ashton and Michael are up front. 

Ashton drives to the mall and lets me out. "Call me when you want me to pick you up, mom won't be home until late, so you can stay as long as you want. Do you need money?" Ashton poors out a lot of information and takes his wallet out.

"No, I'm okay, thank you," I say, getting out of the car, brushing Luke's hand. "Oh! I'm so sorry," I say, blushing. 

He laughs a little, blushing aswell. "It's fine."

I nod and walk off, into the mall as perfume stings my nose.

* * *

After I shop for about three hours, I decide to head home. I check my phone and Ashton texted me three times.

Ashton:  The guys and I went back home. Text me and I'll pick you up.

Ashton: Mom's home.

Ashton: I'm hanging out at Luke's for a little. I'll still pick you up. 

I decide not to bother him, as he is probably having a lot more fun with his friends than he would be driving me home. I decide to try and find my way to their house. 

About ten minutes later, it's gotten really dark. I start to panic because I have no clue as to where I'm going. My palms get sweaty as I clench my phone to my chest. I hear sticks crack behind me but I don't dare take a glance back. I dial Ashton's number as my heart pounds. I hit the call button, silently praying that he will pick up.

Three rings later, a soft voice answers. "Hey! Ready for me to pick you up yet?" 

"A-Ashton," I say, my voice shaking. I try to calm down because I know for sure that if anyone can hear me this afraid, Ashton can't make it in time. "Please pick me up, I have no idea where I am." 

"Okay, do you see a street name anywhere?" He asks, calmly and soothingly. 

"No," I say calmly. I hear sounds of footsteps behind me and start to freak out. "Asht-ton... I'm Sc-cared." 

"Okay, it's okay. I'll stay on the phone with you," he says calmly. I hear a car door open from the other side of the phone. "The boys and I are spliting up, we'll find you soon." 

* * * 

About five minutes later, car head lights come down the street. "Ashton, a car is coming," I say nervously. 

"Okay, are their lights flashing?" He asks.

"Yes," I say, hoping that's a good thing. 

"Okay, that's one of us, I don't see anyone, so it's not me," he says, and as much as my heart wants to drop, it's lifted again as I see Luke jump out of the car. "It's Luke. Bye Ashton," I say and hang up. I shove my phone into my pocket and run full speed at an already running Luke. I wrap my arms around his neck. "Thank you!" I say. "Can we get in your car please?" I beg. 

We rush into the car, and Luke locks the doors and drives off. "Are you okay? Ashton was worried," Luke says.

"I'm fine," I say. Luke drives us back to Ashton's house, we stay somewhat silent besides the basic explination of how we got to this point.

When we get home, everyone else is already in the driveway. "You guys can come in," Ashton starts. "Please come in," he fixes his sentence. He walks me in with his hand at the small of my back and the boys follow. "Mom's probably sleeping, so we should all just go downstairs," Ashton whispers.

We follow Ashton to the basement. "Where did you find her?" Ashton asks Luke. I sit on the couch in front of the TV where Ashton and Luke stand. It's as if they're the show. Michael sits on my left and Calum on my right.

"She was on some gang street," Luke sighs. "I saw some gangs selling shit only a few houses down, but they were walking towards her." 

"Why didn't you call me? I said I'd pick you up," Ashton turns to me. He looks dissapointed and for what it's worth, I've never felt more effected by a fake brother.

"I didn't want to bother you," I say. 

"Just tell me next time, okay? I told you something and I stick to it," Ashton says.

I nod my head. With that, Ashton hugged me and the boys talkeed which turned into goofing around while I watched. And as I watched, I fell alseep.

The next morning I'm awoken by Mrs. Irwin screaming. I open my eyes to see a passed out Luke on the floor and Michael leaning against the wall, with Calum's head in his lap. But no sign of Ashton. I shake Luke. "Luke, Mrs. Irwin is screaming," I whisper. "Ashton's not here."

That woke him up. "What? No!" He shouts. Luke shuffles to his feat and runs upstairs. I follow him quickly, curious and worried. "Stay here," Luke says and runs into the bathroom where Mrs. Irwin still screams and now she is also crying. I can see Luke fall to his feet and let out a loud "No!" 

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