Waking up in Vegas

Luke and the boys meet an all girl group at a music event. Soon enough, Luke is dating the lead singer of the American band . With her wild soul, Angela, convinces him to come with her to Vegas where the two gamble their lives away. All fun and games right? Till Luke looses all the band's money...Can Angela win it back?
Lots of romance and a bit of comedy!


1. Meet Jewells and Roses

5sos happened to be at the same gig as an up coming girl band: Jewells and Roses.

In no time the two bands became quick friends.

And Luke started dating the band's lead, Angela.

Meet Jewells and Roses



Angela M'kay(17): (Lead singer) Risk taking, party crazy. Dating Luke.

Devine (Devi) Kotler (18): (Back up vocals, songwriting) beauty lover, sweet. Likes Calum.

Gia Marella (17 years old)- (Guitarist) Smart mouthed, sarcastic, but strong willed.

De'kay Witmer (17 years old)- (bass guitar) Hilarious, loves taking photos. Likes Mikey.

Gabi Gomez (18 years old)-(drums) Immature

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