Waking up in Vegas

Luke and the boys meet an all girl group at a music event. Soon enough, Luke is dating the lead singer of the American band . With her wild soul, Angela, convinces him to come with her to Vegas where the two gamble their lives away. All fun and games right? Till Luke looses all the band's money...Can Angela win it back?
Lots of romance and a bit of comedy!


2. Lipstick, Luke, Arkward girl talk

~Angela POV

Devi, Gia, me, D'kay, and Gabi all decided to hang out tonight. Gabi had the 'brilliant" idea to play Would you rather? I should have know where this all was going...we're all so weird.

"Okay would you rather eat a snake or spider?" Gia asks.

"Snake" I say quickly, I get looks. "I heard they taste really good"

The girls start laughing, "what?" Devi asks, "who told you snakes taste good?"

"Actually Calum told me" I say. "No!" D'kay gasps. I nod and dial Cal's number putting it on speaker.

"Hey, Cal. It's Angela" I greet him.

"whats up?" he asks.

"so, didn't you tell me snakes taste good?"



"okay, bye Ang"

'Bye Cal"

"Alright. Let's play 20 questions. Completely honest" D'kay suggests. Devi starts braiding her hair as we talk.

It's my turn to ask Gia something, "Did you spread the rumor that Blaire had a eating disorder?"

Gia's lips turn up then down and she nods.

"Oh my god!" Devi yells throwing a pillow at her. The rest of us smile. "I knew it!" Gabi coows.

"Alright. I get to ask Ang something" Gia states. I thrust my legs out preparing myself for whatever question.

"Have you had sex with Luke yet?" she asks. D'kay picks up her pillow pet and rock sit back and forth, stupid girl. 

I register the question. Yes, I have. And I can't lie to my best friends, but man that's a weird question.

"well, yes" I answer.

"oohhh" Gabi coos. Devi shakes her head smiling. Gia leans back smirking.

"Be careful" D'kay warns in all seriousness.

"Why do we love you again?" I ask. We laugh and I put my arm around her.

After a few minutes my phone goes off. I look down:

Luke: Hey. Band practice is over, wanna come over?

I text back.

Me: sure, I'll be over.

"Okay" I say getting up, "I'm leaving you loosers".

I grab my coat and put it on as Gia asks, "Luke?"

I nod and step out the door.

"We love you!" Gabi shouts.

"Love you guys to!" I yell back and blow a few kisses.


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