Waking up in Vegas

Luke and the boys meet an all girl group at a music event. Soon enough, Luke is dating the lead singer of the American band . With her wild soul, Angela, convinces him to come with her to Vegas where the two gamble their lives away. All fun and games right? Till Luke looses all the band's money...Can Angela win it back?
Lots of romance and a bit of comedy!


3. At Luke's

I hop in my silver mustang and pull out of my driveway, I put on my beats and select Greenday. Nodding to the beat I pull in his drive way in about 10 minutes. I go into his house through the unlocked door and find him talking to his mom in the kitchen.

Mrs. Hemmings see's me at the entry way as I'm throwing off my jacket and sunglasses.

"Angela, honey!" she greets me. Luke looks up and makes eye contact with me before glancing back down at his phone. He's leaning against the island.

"Hi!" I reply and go up behind Luke wrapping my arms around him. "If you could come up to my bedroom when ever you have a second, I wanna talk to you" Mrs. Hemmings says to me. "Okay!" I  agree. I'm curious about what she wants to say but I haven't seen Luke in a week due to intensive band practices (his band) so this is his time at the moment. Mrs. Hemmings walks upstairs.

Upon me wrapping my arms around him, Luke groans. "You okay?" I ask. "Yeah, it's just I'm so tierd" he answers.

He turns around and leans in to give me a quick kiss. We walk over to the couch where we sit and watch mean girls...his favorite movie. I know right...

I lean my head against his chest and before I know it he's alsleep.

I kick my legs off the couch and decide I should go talk to Mrs. Hemmings. I knock on her bedroom door and she yells, "come in!"

"Wheres Luke?" she asks.

"Alsleep" I answer.

"Poor boy...well I didn't want to ask Luke but lets have this girl to girl" she says.

Oh boy.

"He's not...on drugs or anything...right?"

"oh, no!" I respond, "why?"

"He's just so tierd all the time and is never home. Always with those boys. Lovely kids but I worry.."

Mrs. Hemmings, a teacher. Very sensitive.

"Don't worry. He's all good" I smile.

"Thanks, honey" she laughs.

I tell her goodnight and walk out.

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