the perfect family

As Cameron's parents start to forget about her day after day and start paying more attention to her younger sister sarah. Cameron's life takes a turn and she starts to want to forget her own life. As the guy who takes her, has an unforgettable secret.


2. the camper

Cameron's point of view

6:00 and my dad walks through the door, "give me your phone, I can't afford it anymore I'll give it back when this family can afford the expenses" dad claims.

You know what? Have it. He still doesn't Remeber that his little girl has grown up to be 16 and he can't even remember her birthday. Sad. Thanks dad for remembering my birthday cleary you sarah and mom don't care have your little brat of a daughter! "Least she actually acts her age, get over yourself not everything is about you" says dad.

I run out of the house as tears rush down my face I'm running down my street trying to cool down before I go back home. I sit on the curb of the sidewalk and realize I ran pretty far, thank god I still know where I am right! I think to myself let's go see why an what that camper was doing just suspiciously parked there, I start to walk over where I saw it. I walk over and I see the rusty vehicle. It's disgusting!

As I get closer and closer to it being very cautious, just in case there was anybody inside. But why would there be? It's disgusting and doesn't look like it runs. But then I thought to myself it just randomly appeared out of no where. My head started to flutter with questions I had asked myself.

I'm probably to close.. Who cares! I see a doorbell on the side of the squeaky looking door, and of course my curious self decided to ring it. I leaped at the bell and...

*dingg donggg*

Footsteps grew louder and louder until..

The door the squeaky door creeked open

"Who are you?!"said the scruffy man

I-ii-I'm sorry I didn't think anyone lived here...

"We'll i do!" Exclaimed the man

I really am sorry.

"It's okay, don't worry about it. It's kinda late dontcha think?" He asked

"It's only 7:00" I said kinda rudely.. Which I didn't mean to say it like that.

"A pretty girl like you should be at home in the safes of her home and not wondering around" he said with a small grin on his face.

I started to get a little creeped out, sorry again but I'm going to head home now. I said to the man.

"Why you just got here? Would you like to come in for a nice cup of hot chocolate you look a little cold?"

I'm all set thanks but I live down the street. I shouldn't of told that to this man I didn't even know. Why is he asking me to come in to his "house" or whatever he calls it.

"Come back another time to make up that hr cocoa date, after all you did wake me up" he said jokingly.

I walked off, cold and a little scared. I arrived back at home and went upstairs to my room, still a little weirded out that he asked me to come in and trying to flirt with me, but it's whatever.

2:55 A.M I look on my clock, why does it feel like I'm being watched?

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