the perfect family

As Cameron's parents start to forget about her day after day and start paying more attention to her younger sister sarah. Cameron's life takes a turn and she starts to want to forget her own life. As the guy who takes her, has an unforgettable secret.


3. snatched

Cameron's point of view

I start to fall back asleep after the feeling of being watched fades away.

Mans point of view

Aw she was so beautiful, even when she was sleeping I see her start to awaken, I ducked as she started to look around. Her perfect body was proportioned just right. Her chest was perfect, her butt was so amazing, her legs were thin but in a good way, her face looked like it was given by an angels, her lips so full asking to press against mine.

Cameron's point of view


Uh school, pointless school. I guess I got to get up and actually look a little presentable today!

I look in my closet and find a super cute outfit! It consisted of a pair of high waisted jean shorts with a floral pink top an a pair of light pink high top converse!

I go into the bathroom brush my hair and my teeth an and braid my hair in a side braid.

I walk downstairs to see my mom passed out on the couch with empty beer bottles around her, my dad had already left for work and Sarah was eating a bowl of cereal waiting for her bus. I looked out the window to find that Kyle had been waiting for me!

Kyle was perfect he had short brown hair crystal blue eyes and was super sweet. He was always my neighbor and we walked to school in the morning together.

Hey Kyle! I exclaimed.

"Hey goodmorning!" He said with his gorgeous smile.

We started walking on our normal way, and I had noticed the camper had still been there. I also noticed the man was stating at me through his blinds.

"Why is that man staring at you? Do I need to beat someone up?" Chuckled Kyle

Haha no don't worry about it, I walked over last night to see why he was parked there and was really creepy and started to flirt with me... Weir I thought!

"Sounds it" said Kyle.

We arrived at school and I knew for the beiginning it was going to be a long day....

*hours pass*

School ends.

I start to walk home and notice the man is walking towards me, I start to walk faster and not make eye contact, I finally walked past him. As I saw him more clearly and I could see him better with the light, I could see how old he was maybe late 40s, he was medium height he was kinda chunky and he had short brown hair tinted grey and a little bit Was bald was at the top. He reeked of body odor sweat and feces. He was truly disgusting.

"Cameron!! Cameron!" Yelled the man trying to get my attention

How do you know my name?! Why does he know that I asked myself nervously.

"The mail truck accidentally dropped mail on the ground it said your name, an I wanted to return it to you" he said

Oh thanks, what is your name by the way?

"Craig" saying as if I should've know

Thanks, I need to go now I said nervously

"Your doors are locked I already tried because I wanted to put your mail inside" he said with a smile

you tried getting into my house? Wtf

"Hey don't be scared beautiful I was just trying to help you guys out" he said as he came closer to me

Yup I need to go now I tried to walk faster and faster and I could hear him muttering to himself... Creepy.

"I have something for you" Craig said with a grin on his face

What?! I snapped wht do you want from me leave me alone I new to get home I shouldn't be talking to you anyways.

"I have you earing that you accidentally left at my house last night"

You mean your camper? I said rudely.

" come with me to get it out" he whispered

I hesitantly walked towards him knowing to be careful.

He told me it was on the table in the camper, I knew not to go in there because that is dangerous, I asked him to get it for me.

"Honey I'm not going to hury you just get inside and get it off the table." he claimed as if nothing was wrong

I walked in nervous as it is and noticed how dirty of a living condition this was it smelt horrible as if something was dead the dishes were piled high dirty clothes all over the floor. I couldn't fine my earring. I knew something was wrong I then realized I came home with both my earrings on. Right as I was about to get out of the camper it slammed shut and I could hear him lock it.

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