the perfect family

As Cameron's parents start to forget about her day after day and start paying more attention to her younger sister sarah. Cameron's life takes a turn and she starts to want to forget her own life. As the guy who takes her, has an unforgettable secret.


6. lilacs and butterflies

I didn't hear nor see anyone. But from the looks of it I was going to be here for a while.

"Come, follow me. I want to show you something" he said so caringly.

I walked with him slowly down the creaky hallway. Picture frames along the walls, but nothing in them. Newspaper scattered the floor. We end up both facing a wooden white door. "What?!" I snapped at him.

"Open it" he said as his smile grew across his face.

I turn the door nob and opened the door slowly. Shock was written across my face. I couldn't believe my eyes. He was a sick man.

It was a room that was identical to my old room I had when I was 7. The walls were a light baby pink with a butterfly trim at the top. My toy chest was a lilac purple with my porcelain dolls lined up sitting straight. In the exact order, the comforter was lilac purple with my butterfly pillows. My tea set was set up how I use to play with it. My little vanity had my little girl makeup spread across it. The only thing different about the room was the closet. It was filled with the same patterned dresses but now in my size.

"Do you like it?" He said

"No I don't!! I want to go home!!" I yelled back.

"You are home baby" he said with his watery eyes.

I could see right through him. I could see his anger in his eyes.

"Let me go now, I won't tell anyone you did this I'll say I ran away from home. Please" as I started to feel me about to drop a tear from my eye.

"I'll do you a favor" Craig said.

I could almost feel the freedom, he was going to let me go and I could go home. "What?! What is it?" I said as my tears started to go away!

"You can pick any dress you like and do your makeup how ever you want, as I make dinner" Craig said as he started to genuinely smile.

"Wait what? No please, please let me go"

As he walked out of my baby girl room, he shut the door quietly, I lay on my bed as I start to cry harder and harder.

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