the perfect family

As Cameron's parents start to forget about her day after day and start paying more attention to her younger sister sarah. Cameron's life takes a turn and she starts to want to forget her own life. As the guy who takes her, has an unforgettable secret.


1. happy 16th

Cameron's point of view

when is this bell going to ring? Clocks ticking second by second. Why is this day dragging along? Why can't I just go home already? I ask my self... Over and over, having to deal with the same old crap same old people and same old teachers that dot do anything! I'm suppose to be doing work right now. But I'm just focused on getting home and having my birthday dinner and spending time with my fam...


*bell rings*

Yes!! I pack all my stuff up and head out the doors of bridge way high and walk on my normal trail to my house.

I noticed while I was walking there was a trailer camper parked in a spot where usually it's not there, but I didn't care I kept walking home just looking forward to see what my parents have prepared for me as I walk through the door!

*walks through door*

Sarah (young sister) is sitting on couch on her phone, moms also on couch drinking a beer and dad is in the den working. Did they forget? I though to myslef. No! They couldn't of it was my 16th birthday how could they forget? I try and make it sound like it was a special day "Shut up!" Yelled mom. she was watching her show. So I decided to go upstairs and not worry about it,

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