the perfect family

As Cameron's parents start to forget about her day after day and start paying more attention to her younger sister sarah. Cameron's life takes a turn and she starts to want to forget her own life. As the guy who takes her, has an unforgettable secret.


10. Cameron is his love

Cameron's point of view 2 weeks later.

I wake up to Craig on top of me holding my mouth shut. He was rough with me. This had been happening every day since the dog incident. I laid there knowing I had no more pride, I was passed the stage of embarrassment.

"I love you baby girl". He said so tiringly.

I cried and he started to kiss me, he kissed my body all over he made me feel uncomftorable.

"Want me to be done or keep going"

"Please be done" I said in a weeping voice.

He had untied me from the bed I was too tired and my body hurt I couldn't fight back. He pulled my dress back down claiming he was done.

"Lay here I'll see you later."

I curled up and cried I looked at my body bruised and scratch.

I ended up crying myself to sleep even if it was in the afternoon.

*hours passed*

It felt like night time.

I heard Craig and chelby fight and Craig slammed there door and heard him coming closer to my room.

He came into my room and hoping on my bed. I shiver to the top covering my body with the purple blankets. And he smiled.

"Ready?" With a smile across his face.

He slowly took the blankets off of me and pulled my dress off I had no undergarments on I cried "please not right now"

"Chelby doesn't make me feel the way you do baby"

he took his clothes off and approached me he started and I just layed there looking up at the ceiling and knew this needed to stop. I wanted to make him a deal.

"If I cooperate this time can it be the last time,"

"Feeling sexual baby?" He said as he winked

I nearly wanted to vomit but I agreed.

He started to kiss me, made his way from my lips to my chest to my ..

I was violated but what was anyone going to do about t.

" uhh I love you Cameron" he said as he moaned.

"I love you too" I said so fakely

15 minutes went by and he was still going. The pain had started to go away and he started to become more compassionate i started to miss Kyle and I wanted him to be my first. That wasn't going to happen anymore .

He finally was done and he layed in bed with me till the morning it was gross, and he was still naked, and so was I.

I wake up and Craig is sprawled out inmy bed. I put clothes on and went to the kitchen and are food. I was nauseas and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I figured it was the flu and chelby walks in and started to cry,

"What's wrong?" I asked

"He did it too you too didn't he"

"He did what?" I asked as my face went pale.

"Got you pregnant"

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