The Neighbor

After months of fighting and arguing Olivia's mother finally had enough of it. She packed her bags and took Olivia with her and moved to a whole different state. She had no choice but to move, move away from the drug addict she called her husband. Olivia didn't enjoy the thought of moving out of her hometown, New York, into a whole different place. She had no choice but to move. As Olivia and her mother drove through LA to the new house someone caught Olivia's eye. He was playing basketball and he had suddenly stopped and was staring straight at Olivia. Olivia stared back admiring his looks. Their eyes met. The connection broke when the car started to move. Once Olivia got to the house she was amazed she looked around the huge house as her mother told her to go introduce herself to the neighbors. Olivia hesitated to knock on the door. RIght before she knocked on the door, the door swung open causing her to jump. The hottie Olivia had seen earlier was standing there in the doorway


4. Unpacking

Chapter 4

When Olivia woke up she quickly got up and walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth and take a shower when she came out of the shower she walked into her closet and grabbed a pink skater skirt with a white designed crop top.

She quickly got dressed and put her hair up into a bun. She grabbed her phone and walked downstairs. “Hey mom” Olivia said to her mom who was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her morning coffee. “Hi Liv, you sleep well? Olivia’s mom asked her. “Yep you got any plans today?” Olivia asked her mom. “Actually yes, our neighbor Pattie asked if I wanted to go shopping with her, and she said she met you and her son was supposed to come here today with his friends” Olivia’s mom said back to her. “Oh yea that’s right Justin yea I met him he’s cool him and his friends were supposed to come today to help me unpack the boxes” Olivia said. “Oh okay well Pattie should be here any minute now I should get going” Olivia’s mom said walking upstairs to her room to get her wallet and her phone. Olivia had just gotten a text from Justin. The text said hey beautiful so you aren’t in bed anymore where are you I need to see your beautiful face I miss you. Olivia smiled and replied back to Justin she said Well good morning to you too my prince and I’m downstairs I’ll be up in a minute. Olivia quickly got up and walked up the stairs to her room. When she got to her room she unlocked her balcony door Justin’s balcony door was wide open like usual. Justin was no where to be found. Olivia quietly climbed over the balcony onto Justin’s balcony and walked into his room. Justin wasn’t in the room she sat down on one of Justin’s bean bag chairs in his room and looked at his games for his xbox one. When she saw that he had Black Ops Ghosts she couldn’t help it. She put the game into the xbox and started to play the game. About five minutes later, Justin’s bathroom door opened and Justin walked out with nothing but a towel around his waist. “Woah when did you get here” Justin asked. “Well um your door was open so yea oh and you should keep your shirt off more often” Olivia said back to him pausing the game. “ If I could I’d like to see you with your shirt off more often” Justin looked at Olivia and smirked. “Olivia smiled well if I do that would be when we are officially a thing” Olivia said standing up and walking over to Justin. “Oh okay so um I guess this is gonna happen now” Justin said. “Whatever you are gonna do you should put some pants on first” Olivia said laughing a little. Justin laughed and walked to his dresser grabbed boxers and gray jeans he walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Olivia sat down on his bed so many thoughts were flowing through her mind. She stopped thinking about what he might do and started looking at his collection of snap-backs. She saw one that she really liked it was white white a pink diamond on it. Olivia got up and grabbed it. She pulled her hair out of the bun and left it out. She put on the snap-back and looked in Justin’s mirror to see how it looked it looked really cute with her long brown hair. Right then when Olivia was checking herself out in the mirror Justin walked out of the bathroom he looked at her and laughed. She turned back at him and said “What I look hot I can’t help it I’m checking myself out” “Yea I know you do look hot” Justin said smacking her ass, Olivia smiled and sat on Justin’s lap. “Okay so where do you want this special place that I ask you out to be” Justin asked Olivia. “Well I don’t like big things so I guess at one of our houses since our mom’s are gonna be out with each other for a while I mean it’ll be fun” Olivia said looking at Justin. “ Okay my princess” Justin said to Olivia. Olivia blushed and Justin smiled and said “I love it when I make you happy” Olivia just smiled. “Justin I’m leaving” Pattie yelled from downstairs. “Ok mom love you have fun take your time Olivia might come over today” Justin yelled downstairs to his mom. “Okay hunny love you” Pattie yelled back closing the front door. Olivia got a text from her mom saying that she just left the house. Olivia replied and said okay mom I’ll be at Justin’s house. “Well my prince we are officially parent free what you wanna do” Olivia asked Justin.

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