The Neighbor

After months of fighting and arguing Olivia's mother finally had enough of it. She packed her bags and took Olivia with her and moved to a whole different state. She had no choice but to move, move away from the drug addict she called her husband. Olivia didn't enjoy the thought of moving out of her hometown, New York, into a whole different place. She had no choice but to move. As Olivia and her mother drove through LA to the new house someone caught Olivia's eye. He was playing basketball and he had suddenly stopped and was staring straight at Olivia. Olivia stared back admiring his looks. Their eyes met. The connection broke when the car started to move. Once Olivia got to the house she was amazed she looked around the huge house as her mother told her to go introduce herself to the neighbors. Olivia hesitated to knock on the door. RIght before she knocked on the door, the door swung open causing her to jump. The hottie Olivia had seen earlier was standing there in the doorway


3. The First Night There.

Chapter 3

“Thank you” Olivia said grabbing her snap back and putting it back on. Olivia stopped and did a back walkover the guys kept walking. The guys weren’t paying attention so just for fun Olivia ran and jumped onto Justin's back. Justin looked at her and laughed “Well hello beautiful” Justin said and quickly kissed her lips softly. Olivia was surprised but she didn’t do anything about it she just smiled. When they got to Justin’s house Olivia jumped off his back. “Hi Pattie” Ryan yelled to a lady in the kitchen. “There’s my favorite boys” Pattie said giving them all kisses on the cheek. Olivia assumed Pattie was Justin’s mom. Pattie had just noticed Olivia. “Oh so you guys brought home a girl” Pattie said laughing. “Watch out these boys could be rough” Pattie said to Olivia the guys laughed as they stood by the stairs. “I’m good I could take care of them.” Olivia said to Pattie laughing. “I like this girl” Pattie said. “That’s good so do I, I guess you’ll be seeing her more often she just moved in” Justin said smiling and headed up the stairs the guys followed behind. “Oh sorry I didn’t introduce myself, hi I’m Olivia I just moved in next door” Olivia said to Pattie. “Well hi Olivia I’m Pattie, Justin’s mom” Pattie said giving Olivia a hug. Olivia hugged her back and quickly headed upstairs and followed the guys. When she got into Justin’s room with everyone else she sat down next to Justin on his bed the other guys were sitting on bean bag chairs. “So looks like Pattie likes you” Ryan said to Olivia. Justin picked up Olivia and put her on his lap. Olivia just smiled and said to Ryan “Yea I guess so she seems nice”. Justin smiled and kept on kissing Olivia’s cheek. “Yea she is” Ryan said. “Yo Ry let’s play a game of Black Ops” Chaz said handing Ryan a controller and turning on his xbox. Justin still kept kissing Olivia’s cheek. “Okay” Ryan said as they both started playing. Olivia really liked Justin and Justin wouldn’t stop kissing her cheek. The other guys weren’t really paying attention so Olivia couldn’t help herself. Olivia pushed Justin back so that he was now laying, Olivia was still on top of him so she just leaned onto him and kissed him, and this time it was an actual deep long kiss. When they stopped Justin just smiled, Olivia smiled and bit her lip. The guys were still playing the game not paying attention. so this time Justin pulled Olivia back onto him and they had a little makeout session until Chaz said “Damn Justin you just can’t get enough of her”. Olivia and Justin both just looked up and smiled. They stopped and just watched them play the game. After like an hour of watching them play Olivia got a text from her mom it said to come home dinner was ready. Olivia said to the guys “Hey I gotta head out mom just texted I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow, actually I have a lot of boxes to unpack can you guys come over tomorrow and help? “Yea sure it's all good” all the guys said. “Okay great” Olivia said getting up. “Wait hold on” Olivia said grabbing Justin’s phone. Olivia saved her number in Justin’s phone “There now you can text me whenever you want” Olivia said looking at Justin. Ryan looked up and said “Hey what about me you're like my new best friend I need your number” Olivia smiled and gave Ryan her number then walked out the room. Olivia walked downstairs and said goodbye to Pattie giving her a hug then leaving. When Olivia left she walked to her house and said hi to her mom then told her  that she is going to go unpack, Olivia wasn’t really unpacking she was just running to her room to text Justin. When Olivia got upstairs she layed on her bed right when she did that she got a text it said Hey beautiful it’s Justin I see you walk to your balcony. Olivia looked at her phone and smiled she got up and walked toward her balcony and walked out. When she walked out right across she saw Justin on his balcony right across from hers. He smiled and said “This is great now I can sneak into your house without your mom knowing.” Olivia smiled and said “Yep that’s the best part, well I gotta go eat dinner so text me.” Justin smiled and said “Okay beautiful don’t leave me waiting long” Olivia blushed and ran downstairs she quickly ate her mom’s steak and rice and ran back upstairs. When she walked into her room her closet doors were open. So she walked inside and when she walked in Justin and Ryan were both in there. She smiled you guys get out I’m tired I wanna go to sleep. “FINEE!!” Ryan said getting out and going back to Justin’s room with Justin following him. Olivia locked her balcony door and changed into her pajamas laid on her bed and fell right asleep.


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