The Neighbor

After months of fighting and arguing Olivia's mother finally had enough of it. She packed her bags and took Olivia with her and moved to a whole different state. She had no choice but to move, move away from the drug addict she called her husband. Olivia didn't enjoy the thought of moving out of her hometown, New York, into a whole different place. She had no choice but to move. As Olivia and her mother drove through LA to the new house someone caught Olivia's eye. He was playing basketball and he had suddenly stopped and was staring straight at Olivia. Olivia stared back admiring his looks. Their eyes met. The connection broke when the car started to move. Once Olivia got to the house she was amazed she looked around the huge house as her mother told her to go introduce herself to the neighbors. Olivia hesitated to knock on the door. RIght before she knocked on the door, the door swung open causing her to jump. The hottie Olivia had seen earlier was standing there in the doorway


2. Moving In

Once they passed the courts their car pulled up in  driveway next to this huge house.

"Welcome home Liv" Olivia's mom said getting out the car. Olivia's face was shocked when she got out the car she ran straight to the door and unlocked it. When she walked inside everything looked so new and big. Olivia ran up the stairs and looked in every room. Everything looked perfect, Olivia's mom all ready had the furniture set up in each room. Olivia searched for her stuff. Olivia walked into a room with mint green walls. When she looked around she saw all her furniture. The room was huge she had her own bathroom, a walk through closet, and a balcony. All of her white furniture looked perfect with the mint green walls she screamed and ran downstairs to her mom and gave her a big hug.

"Thank you mom I love you" Olivia said squeezing her mom. "Yea you can thank me when all these boxes are unpacked" Olivia's mom said bringing a box inside. 

Olivia walked on the front lawn and did front walkovers to the car. Olivia grabbed a box and brought it inside. "Honey go walk around and get to know the area I'll unpack the boxes and leave your boxes in your room to unpack later" Olivia's mom said to her. Olivia ran upstairs and grabbed her phone that she left in her room "Okay mom I'll be back soon" Olivia said running out onto the lawn flipping. Olivia did a round-off back handspring and when she got up from the flip she saw the guy from the basketball courts there standing there watching her with a group of his friends. 

"Oh sorry I didn't know you were here" Olivia said kind of shy. "Oh it's okay beautiful I was kind of enjoying it" he said back to her. Olivia blushed. "So your new here huh?" one of the guys asked. "Yea I'm Olivia I just moved in" Olivia said walking over to them. "Beautiful name looks like your my neighbor, hi I'm Justin" he said looking at her. "Oh almost forgot about them this is Ryan and that's Chaz." Justin said pointing over to the other two guys. "Well nice to meet you guys" Olivia said. "You like basketball?" Chaz asked looking at Olivia's Miami Heat snap back. Olivia smiled "Yea I actually used to play" "Oh so we have a hot girl in a snap back who can flip and play basketball damn girl you got the full package" Justin said smiling. Olivia smiled. "So you up for a little game of two on two." Ryan asked Olivia. "Yea sure I'm always up for a little competition" Olivia said to Ryan. "Okay good we will go easy on you" Chaz said. "No I'll go easy on you" Olivia said back and started walking to the courts.  The guys followed behind Olivia. Olivia knew they were checking her out so she just walked to the courts. When they got to the courts Olivia put her phone in her back pocket. "Okay so teams I pick Olivia" Ryan said. "Alright Justin looks like its me and you against them" Chaz said to Justin. 

They played a 20 minute game in the end Olivia's team ended up winning. 


"Okay this girl knows how to play" Ryan said giving her a little hug since they won. 

Olivia laughed and hugged him back. "So he gets a hug and I don't I see how it is" Justin said looking at Olivia. 

Olivia smiled and gave Justin a long hug  at the end she gave him a little kiss on the cheek. Chaz and Ryan both saw the little kiss. "Damn it Justin she was supposed to be mine" Chaz said. "Not a chance" Olivia answered for Justin. Ryan smiled "You gotta listen to the lady" Ryan said to Chaz. Justin just smirked. "It's getting late we should head back to my house, your welcome to join if you would like Olivia" Justin said walking out the courts. Olivia nodded "Yea sure, can you hold this real quick" Olivia said giving her snap back to Ryan. Olivia pulled her long straight brown hair into a quick pony tail.

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