The Neighbor

After months of fighting and arguing Olivia's mother finally had enough of it. She packed her bags and took Olivia with her and moved to a whole different state. She had no choice but to move, move away from the drug addict she called her husband. Olivia didn't enjoy the thought of moving out of her hometown, New York, into a whole different place. She had no choice but to move. As Olivia and her mother drove through LA to the new house someone caught Olivia's eye. He was playing basketball and he had suddenly stopped and was staring straight at Olivia. Olivia stared back admiring his looks. Their eyes met. The connection broke when the car started to move. Once Olivia got to the house she was amazed she looked around the huge house as her mother told her to go introduce herself to the neighbors. Olivia hesitated to knock on the door. RIght before she knocked on the door, the door swung open causing her to jump. The hottie Olivia had seen earlier was standing there in the doorway



Alright so hey guys it's Livy I'm sorry I haven't been writing for a while I've just kinda been busy. But it's summer for me now and there is no more school work to stress about so of course I'll be writing a lot more and this goes for both of my Movellas "Catching Feelings" and "Secret Love". I want you guys to be able to enjoy my stories but you guys do not know when I am going to publish a new chapter and I don't want to keep you guys waiting so I decided that every Saturday I will be publishing a new chapter for "Secret Love" and every Sunday I will be publishing a new chapter for "Catching Feelings". I hope this helps you guys out so you don't have tp keep waiting for me to publish now you know when I'm going to publish a new chapter. I love you guys thank you so much for everything. Keep reading and most importantly Enjoy :)

This will be starting as of next week.

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