The Neighbor

After months of fighting and arguing Olivia's mother finally had enough of it. She packed her bags and took Olivia with her and moved to a whole different state. She had no choice but to move, move away from the drug addict she called her husband. Olivia didn't enjoy the thought of moving out of her hometown, New York, into a whole different place. She had no choice but to move. As Olivia and her mother drove through LA to the new house someone caught Olivia's eye. He was playing basketball and he had suddenly stopped and was staring straight at Olivia. Olivia stared back admiring his looks. Their eyes met. The connection broke when the car started to move. Once Olivia got to the house she was amazed she looked around the huge house as her mother told her to go introduce herself to the neighbors. Olivia hesitated to knock on the door. RIght before she knocked on the door, the door swung open causing her to jump. The hottie Olivia had seen earlier was standing there in the doorway


8. A Day

Chapter 7

When they got downstairs they looked at the time it was 5:00. “Hey you guys wanna go play some ball?” Ryan asked. “Yea sure but I gotta change first” Olivia said as she ran upstairs. What should I wear what should  I wear Olivia thought to herself as she walked into her closet. Olivia grabbed a plain white crop top with black short shorts and her white and black jordans. She changed into her outfit and grabbed a black snap back that said obey in white lettering on the front, she looked in the mirror and walked out her room. I wonder what the guys are talking about she thought to herself. Olivia stood at the top of the steps and listened to what they were saying.


“Justin you got yourself a hot one” Chaz said.

“ I know I do now stop checking her out when she isn’t looking only I could do that” Justin said to Chaz.

Ryan laughed. “Nah but Justin her ass..”

Justin laughed “Yea I know she’s perfect”

Olivia blushed and walked downstairs. “I’m ready” Olivia said.

“Ok let’s go” Justin said as he got up. The boys got up with him. Justin opened the door “Ladies first” Justin said. Olivia laughed and said “Stop trying to get me in front of you so you can check me out. I know your tricks” Olivia said walking outside. “But you’re just so sexy and I can’t get my eyes off of you especially your ass” Justin said. Olivia smiled and said “Well my ass is perfect” Olivia laughed and twerked. “DAYUMMM!” Ryan said. “Bounce that booty like a basketball” Chaz said. Justin said “ And the badass side of Olivia is the side I like best” Olivia laughed and stopped twerking. “You guys are too much.” Olivia said as she started doing flips on the lawn. They all laughed and walked to the courts. Olivia stopped to tie her shoe the boys kept walking. Olivia ran and jumped on Ryan’s back. “Really Liv Really” Ryan said. “Yep” Olivia laughed. “Olivia stay up there don’t move we have a better view at your ass from behind you now.” Chaz said. Justin laughed. “You guys are pervs.” Olivia said. When they got to the courts Justin and Olivia were a team and Ryan and Chaz were a team. “Before we play let me get my game on” Olivia said giving Ryan her snapback. “Oh shit she’s getting ready” Chaz said they all laughed. Olivia quickly pulled her long brown straight hair into a quick ponytail. They played against each other it was a hard game but in the end Olivia and Justin’s team still won. “Damn it why do you win all the time” Chaz said. “Cause I’m a boss” Olivia said. Justin laughed. Ryan gave Olivia her hat back and said “Well it’s getting late we better go” “Yea” Chaz said giving Justin and Olivia a hug with Ryan right after him “See you guys tomorrow?” Ryan asked. “Yea sure text me” Olivia said to Ryan as they walked out the courts. “Wait I never got your number” Chaz yelled to Olivia. “Ugh I forgot” Olivia said as she started to walk back to them. “Dont worry liv Ill give it to him I know you're too lazy to come back over here” Ryan said. “Thank you you know me so well” Olivia said. Olivia and Justin walked back to Justin’s house.



(I'm sorry this took forever to post I went on vacation for summer but I'm Back Now)

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