Andy's Apothecary


2. Achieving dreams

Andy opened the door to the apothecary, smiling as the bell jingled. It had been almost a year since the place had opened, and she still couldn't believe it. It was a dream come true.

"Yo Lindy, you here yet?" She shouted towards the back of the small pharmacy they had in the front. Lindy was a witch who had been helping fill prescriptions and make medicine for a few months now.

Lindy came dancing out of the back, gliding across the polished pine in pink paisley knee highs. The socks combined with her rainbow leotard and glittering camo tutu made for an interesting fashion statement, to say the least.

"You seem rather happy today," Andy noted.

Lindy, being a witch, expressed her emotions through her hair and skin color. This particular morning, her curly hair happened to a beautiful honey color, and her skin has darkened to an espresso, which it only did when Lindy happened to be ecstatic.

"Sue Linn proposed!" she squealed, her eyes shining like stars with excitement.

Andy's lip twitched upward, the closest the twenty three year old ever got to smiling.

Sue Linn was a Doll, and Lindy's long time girlfriend. Andy had found Sue Linn right after the Glass War, and with the help of Henry, had patched her up.

Lindy had started working at the apothecary not long after that, and took an immediate liking to the porcelain girl, and Andy could see why. Sue Linn had been produced before the Glass War had started, and so whoever manufactured her was able to do so without having to worry about being hunted down for frivolous glass usage. Her porcelain face was smooth as pale, green eyes delicately glittering.

"But the government won't recognize your marriage. I mean, neither of you are human, and interspecies marriage is illegal, so you've got a double whammy going against you," Andy pointed out.

The government had produced a deities of Defect laws after the Glass war, stripping all non human entities of "rights inducted into the constitution that were intended to let human entities exist in peace". So that meant that it was a free for all on magical creatures. The undead had it easier, technically being human, but they still were restricted from interacting with humans with an important social status. Fortunately, they were allowed to talk to Andy, seeing as she technically didn't exist. (She had hacked into the records of the government and deleted her file after a particularly bad gun fight that resulted in multiple politicians being killed).

"We don't care. If we can get someone to marry us,we're getting married," Lindy explained.

Just then, Sue Linn walked, straightening out her blue velvet dress with delicate hands. Her mousey brown pin curls were pulled behind her head with a matching bow.

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